Web Designer vs. Web Developer

A person can be a web designer and web developer both. He can do hybrid work on customer’s projects. A wide range of task is used that involves web design and development. A person will gain experience in apps as well as mobile designing and many other projects. The good web developer should know about the languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The Web Designer should focus on real architects of the website. He mainly concentrates on the look of the website. The designers must be visual arts experts who are more proficient in graphic design, color scheming, and information flow. The designers are more skilled in using their creativity, right brain hemisphere, amazing user experiences, and imagination. Web developing is a skill of left-brained people and designing is an art of right-brained people.

Main factors of Web Designer vs. Web Developer

1. Analytical
2. Creative
3. Logical
4. Sequential
5. Technical
6. Imaginative
7. Artistic

Web Designer vs. Web Developer Services

The services of Web Designer are to design front end of a website and a part where a user can interact with the interface. Whereas web developers mainly focus on the back end of the website, code writing that makes a website to be functional. These tasks are highly recommendable these require users with many different skill sets. The main points are:

Tools and Technologies: Different types of tools are used that depend upon production process which is totally involved in the website. Technologies are used to design the website that involves W3C standards such as HTML and CSS, which can be generated by editing software WYSIWYG. Other tools are used like markup validators and other for accessibility and usability to make website accessibility guidelines. The vector and raster graphics editors are used to design web-formatted imagery.

Page layout: The page layout quality influences the design of user interface. A designer can consider page layout of the website that is linked to different pages during designing of a web page. Many pages are center-aligned on large screens.

Typography: Web designers can select the variety limit of website typefaces to some applications which are of the same style despite using a broad range of type-styles. Many web browsers recognize a particular number of safe fonts that designers use to neglect many complications.

Motion Graphics: The page layout is also affected by using motion graphics. The use of motion graphics will depend on website’s target. A website will target the audience with more interest that is meant for entertainment.

How to Choose the Web Designer vs. Web Developer

The different areas of this application involve search engine optimization, user experience design, and business to business website design. The most important points considered:

1. Marketing and communication design: It mainly identifies the work of target market. The business to business website design is different from customer targeted website like entertainment website.

2. Quality of Code: Website designers do good practice to approve the standards. The features included are page readability, tag soup, validating via W3C and errors highlighted in code.

3. Interactive Design: The user’s interest may also depend on interactive design of a website. Many interactive functions will need plug-ins of more advanced coding language. The interface is more user-friendly that will be more beneficial to users.