cPanel Hosting Account

Cpanel is the popular web-based control panel that widely used as the favorite default control panel by most of the hosting companies. It comes with the logical interface and user-friendly design is well-liked for the capability to deal with all the functions of the hosting account with straightforwardness. So, how about the cPanel web hosting? What are the main advantages of cPanel web hosting?

Cpanel is a UNIX web supported control panel that tenders effortless to use and powerful tools to allow users swiftly and with no trouble handle the hosting accounts and websites. It provides entire control to users to administer an outsized quantity of functions and streamline the method such as database administrator, file management, email and software configurations, security and settings, etc. The cPanel web hosting uses cPanel as their control panel so that users can deal with their hosting account, setup and be in charge of their site quite easily.

Why cPanel become famous? With plenty of useful and user-friendly features and functions, cPanel web hosting has become the most favorite web hosting alternative, serving millions of websites globally.
By using cPanel as the control panel, cPanel web hosting comes with the authoritative features as following, which make the hosting organization as a piece of cake.

A. Disk space and monthly bandwidth allocation
B. Mail management like auto sending, auto-responding, and email verification
C. Database administration and management
D. Management for files, FTP, and backup

Obtainable with Cpanel web hosting, an individual can have an uncomplicated management of the website and web hosting account, even if for someone who is a beginner, he can handle the method with enormous ease.

  1. Cpanel is effortless to establish, only needs the Linux system setting with a minimum of 266 MHZ, at the smallest amount of 512 MG RAM and 10 GB accessible disk space. In wide-ranging, if not an individual is using a dedicated server, he does not need to be anxious about these necessities; the cPanel web hosting has equipped everything.
  2. Cpanel can put together with Fantastico to permit an individual to install a group of ready to use free scripts. With this features, an individual, specifically the website cut down, can set up websites and deal with applications with few trouble-free clicks.
  3. Cpanel supports various websites, domains, and add-on domains, very convenient for individuals who have numerous websites.
  4. Cpanel is very easy to handle. The interface is intuitive and graphical, friendly and convenient to users so that even a novel client can practice it without a lot of technical acquaintance or skills.
  5. Cpanel allows users to decide from a range of features not open to the elements with other web panels. Users can automatically upgrade to other languages, customize some notifications based on his desires and back up the information of the website accommodatingly.
  6. Cpanel comes with three-level structures which improve the management security. Besides, it also provides Password defend directories to confine to certain parts of your websites, permit an individual to cope with other requirements and connects to a server remotely.

Default Account Directories

Hosting companies do provide the client a special directory on the Linux server whose name normally matches the primary domain chosen by the customer. This directory has following 3 directories, which are very important:

  • public_html: Contains the HTML scripts to be served up to the site’s clients. This directory and those below it, the web space, are accessible to anyone on the Web and therefore pose a severe security risk if used for anything other than public data.
  • Logs: Contains the log data, both of accesses and errors.
  • CGI-bin: Contains the CGI scripts. These are programs or shell scripts written by or for
    the webmaster that can be executed by Apache on behalf of its clients. It is most important, for security reasons, that this directory not be in the web space.


The interface of an individual may differ slightly from his documentation. Some WHM users may not have access to certain features or options, based on their account type and how the account is configured but an individual can contact the support team of cPanel hosting provider to resolve the issue.