In the present scenario, there are different websites available on the internet that create the challenges for the owner of websites to manage these all simultaneously. So, for this problem, the control panel is only the best solution that plays an important role to manage this challenge and to overcome this issue. It is because it is entirely web-based interface that assists for the website owners to manage all sites at a single location.

Role of Control Panel

In the history of the websites on the internet, the control panel has its unique importance. It manages all essential function of websites on the internet like manage the creation of sub-domains, disk space monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, creates backups, etc. As well as this, the control panel also helps to overcome the need of running codes at every time. It is because it also provides the permission of hosting to its clients for the purpose of doing some changes and to manage the websites timely.

At the same time, there are two types of major control panel software like cPanel and Plesk that are widely used by the people for hosting the web. But the use of cPanal is wider as compared to other because of easy access and different unique advantages.


The cPanel is entirely Linux based hosting control panel, and it makes it easy for the website owner to manage all websites at single locations and the web hosting account. Consequently, cPanel also uses some automation tools that also assist for the website used to access the website easily.

cPanel Hosting Software

The cPanel has various pros instead of other like managing email, domains, database management, file management are the major advantages of using cPanel. It is because it provides the change and modification advantage for the user in email management. Through using it domain can also be configured easily. Similarly, the cPanel user can also have backup facilities as well as a new database can also be created by using cPanel hosting software.

Apart from these, cPanel hosting software also provides a full control over the different aspects of websites by providing a standard web browser as well as some other like autoresponder and setting up all account. Additionally, there is very simple installation process of using the cPanel software. It is also highly compatible with many open source applications. There is also no need for experience to handle this software because it is very easy and every step of this software is understandable. Besides from this, there are various companies who are providing cPanel hosting software for the customer.

There are lots of advantage of using the cPanel software but also have some drawbacks that create the issue of using this software. Likewise – there is a need for the user to get the licensing version of this software to use this which is costly and create the financial issues for the user. As well as there is no professional look in this software and also require a limitation of RAM size to be installed this and so on. So, the use of cPanel software is quite effective, but there are some shortfalls also that need to work on to make it more valuable and effective.