Cpanel Hosting Tutorial

Cpanel is a crucial tool that is required and an essential element while working on any technical device. In the case of hosting requirement, its importance is similar as in other fields. Web-based control panel tool which will help an individual handle his web hosting account is Cpanel. With Cpanel, an individual can carry out his tasks more rapidly, and even people who know nothing about technology can effortlessly locate their websites through Cpanel. It is something simplest of all the other ways available to set a site.

Solitary Cpanel can support a site

It is a big question that came into my mind and pushed me towards searching for an answer. Cpanel does not only endow with straightforward image alterations but also adds a lot of additional functionality that an individual can't come across with others available tools. It was one of the things I found while searching but that’s not enough a person wants to learn more, and that led me to a tutorial I came across.

Tutorial will furnish some answers appropriately

It will let an individual to find out how to start his website, how to use Cpanel in creating and managing that site and most importantly ideas to promote it well to get the desired results out of it. So, let’s start with the first one that is how to start a website?

1. To start any internet site it is essential to register a domain name. Therefore an individual needs to manage his domain name registered before starting his website. There are two types of the domain name. One is parked the domain, and another one is addon domain. An individual needs to choose one appropriately and according to his requirement.

2. Account statistics and allied information are quite painless with Cpanel, and it also furnishes related facts about hosting account of an individual.

3. File manager, Cpanel backups, and FTP tools are effortless to manage with Cpanel. Through the integrated FTP and file manager an individual’s work becomes more trouble-free.

4. It is easy and straightforward to manage services related to the mail account, and a person can create and eradicate as many as mail account he wishes. There are lots of other features of email manager system via them an individual can send or receive emails as well as he can perform more required functions accordingly.

5. Database and software management tools are also accessible via Cpanel. An individual will not only learn all the ways of using the different software as well as he can install them with ease.

6. The most critical need while using any hosting service is protection. An individual can secure his directories, IP manager tools, etc. with Cpanel management tools till a required point. There is lots of information present and obtainable in Cpanel about security adjustment. An individual can make use of the password to protect his directories and to hotlink his images securely.

7. There are more tools available in Cpanel like Cron Jobs and much more than that are a few advanced tools.


Whatever an individual requires with his website through Cpanel he can do that with ease. It may include adding some facilities or making it more secure. There are various tools in Cpanel to work appropriately and with no difficulties.