cPanel Hosting India

Control panel

There are several websites available on the internet which creates difficulty for the website owners to manage these multiple websites at the same time. So, in order to overcome and solve this issue, the control panel is used. On the other hand, it can also be said that control panel web-based interface that helps for the owner of websites to manage the web services under a single location.

Significance of control panel

There is lot of importance for control panel, like – managing the email account, FTP account, creation of subdomain, disk space monitoring, create backups, etc. At the same time, it also makes the user free from running the codes at every time which also reduce the human effort. It is because control panel also behaves like the admin user interface.

Types of control panel

There are different types of control panel used in India, but the cPanel and Plesk are the major and famous control panels that are used by majorly by the people for the purpose of web hosting. The main reason behind the use of these two popular control panels is that they are paid software’s and the hosting provider charge monthly fee in India for installing this on the server. At the same time, there is also some option available on the internet from where these control panels can also be downloaded and can be used for the purpose of hosting for some time.

cPanel in India

It is entirely UNIX and Linux based hosting control panel and provides a graphical interface that is quite helpful for the owner of the website to manage the website and account of web hosting in a quite effective manner. As well as this, some automation tools are used in this to make the process easy of this on websites. In India, there are lots of chances of server down, and the hacking, as well as the website owner, face the issue to manage the data and secure this. That’s why it is widely used in India.

Importance of cPanel

There is various advantage of using the cPanel in the websites, but email, domain, file management and the data base are the major benefits that make the cause of Indian websites owner to use this.

Email- The cPanel is useful for making the new mail account as well to easily manage the existing accounts of the user. It also helps to modify the MX records, set up mail box quotas and to easily change the password that prevents the hacking activity and make more authenticate the websites.

Domains- There is an option available in cPanel through this the owner of the websites configures new domain in the account. It also makes sub domain, setup redirect, etc. that increase the reliability and the use of the websites on the server.

File management- The option of the file management come in the file section part of the cPanel. In this, the owner of the websites or user of cPanel can easily backup the cPanel account as well as have some change and modify the stored file in the account. It also helps to uses of disk and to create the FTP (file transfer protocol) account as well.

Database- The use of cPanel in the websites domain help for the user to create the new data base, set up the remote access on the SQL (standard query language) as well as access the database using the PHP my admin.