Assist your users in operating your website….use FAQ master flex

Customer service is one of the prime factors of running a modern business. It is not only essential to create new customers but also to retain old customers. Customers will return back to you only if your service is great and comfortable to be used. Providing customer service in a virtual world or rather in an online business is often thought to be very challenging as there is no direct interaction with the customers. Customers may visit and check your products any time of the day or night and hence provide them chat services or another online service is really tough; you need to keep a 24*7 customer service team to help out your customers, which is again a costly process. To help you out of this crisis, FAQ masterFlex will surely assist you.

First, let us understand the term FAQs. The full form of this word is ‘Frequently Asked Questions.’ This is a list of questions and answers that users may come up with while visiting your website and will get an instant resolution to the problem that they are facing. FAQ masterFlex is a software application which helps you to set up a list of frequently asked questions and their answers on your website. The best part about this application is that it you can divide your questions into categories. From product related queries to payment modes, questions can be many, instead of making the list a mess with all questions together, just segregate the questions into sub-headings. This makes your site look organized as well as it is easy for customers to get their required resolution. This application provides you with the facility of storing unlimited FAQs on your website. Enter and add as many questions as you find your customers asking and you face no difficulty in running the site.

To keep the website simple and secure, the administration panel is kept completely aloof from the normal users. You can access this panel only if you enter with the administrator user id and password and then only you can add, delete or edit any question or answer. The support provided by the technical team of FAQ masterFlex is in one word excellent. You will never feel alone with issues. Installation is done by the technical support team and hence you are free from the tensions of how to deal with bugs during installation. The installation support is completely free of cost and you can install it within 10 minutes. This application has its data storehouse in MySQL database and has been created in PHP language.

This free web-based application is really simple to use and hence along with your customers, you will also free comfortable using it. Be it an e-commerce site or an IT helpdesk, customers always come up with issues that may remain unanswered if asked at the odd hours of the day. Switch to FAQ masterFlex today and enjoy providing your customers a unique customer service 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.