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MCIT, AWS Launch Practical Data Scientist Academy

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) announces the opening of the application for a grant to obtain professional certifications accredited by Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the fields of data science and big data, through the Practical Data Scientist Academy (MCIT-PDSA). It is a free professional training program in data science.

The grant is part of MCIT efforts to build young Egyptians’ capacity, qualify them for the local and international job markets, and create technology professionals capable of implementing Digital Egypt projects.

The grant targets upskilling 500 young people in data analytics and big data in a way that helps them fill in-demand jobs and contribute to national projects.

The Minister of Communications and Information Technology Amr Talaat has stated that MCIT, with its capacity-building strategy, seeks to establish partnerships with tech giants to train and upskill young people in modern technology. Most notably data science, a promising specialization representing future jobs, in light of the heightened use and employment of digital technologies in different sectors.

Experts from AWS are developing the training content. This is in addition to creating training platforms, virtual classrooms, and hands-on training to provide entry-level and in-depth training in line with the standards and requirements of the international job market.

About Practical Data Scientist Academy

Egypt Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) has launched a number of initiatives and projects in the field of building the Egyptian citizen. These initiatives aim to provide training opportunities to the national workforce to qualify them to meet the international standards, thus creating a wide base in all ICT-related specializations, and building a digital society, based on science and technology.

MCIT is aiming to raise the competitive edge of Egyptian calibers, providing comprehensive capacity-building programs based on real-world experience.

PDSA is a learning journey built on digital and classroom courses and covers practice data science going over the basics up to Specialty level. It provides a deep understanding of big data and data analytics and how to utilize these in multiple-use for data engineering, formatting, and data visualization.

MCIT In collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is aiming to;

  1. Build the skill-sets at the national level as necessary to support the transition towards big data and data analytics, with the objective of supporting ongoing government transformation projects.
  2. Seeding the Egyptian, as well as the Middle East and Africa IT markets with the highly in-demand skilled practical data scientists, big data and data analytics training.
  3. Elevating the skill-sets of Egypt’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to actively patriciate in national transformation projects.
  4. Catalyze new focus startups on providing big data and data analytics solutions.
  5. Graduate Data Analytics Specialists with validated abilities via worldwide recognized certification.

Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Egypt
Date: September 04, 2021

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