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This year 2014 will be an exciting year for the software testing companies. There is a company that discussed those trends and shared the experiences they have in the last year 2013 that may significantly impact Testing Services Industry in 2014 and beyond. The company is an independent software testing Services Company known by the name of Cigniti Technologies.
According to the Raj Neravati, COO (Chief Operations Officer) of Cigniti Technologies, he said, ”This year we will see a paradigm shift in the testing industry. Independent software testing majors will gain momentum as against the conventional IT services majors.”
It is predicted that the current year 2014 and the years ahead will be considered as an important year for the testing services. It can be said the fact as software testing has emerged as the main activity in Software Development Life Cycle and plays an important role in the production release. As per the report prepared by the Nelson Hall, a leading industry analyst firm, the suggestions in the report indicate that the services of Independent Software testing is expected to increase by 9.5 percent year on year till 2018.
He said, “The year 2014 will also see a shift happening where Independent, pure-play software testing providers serving more major software testing services contracts as against the conventional, traditional testing services providers.”
As per the Neravati, the areas of IP-led testing will face innovation. We can say without a doubt, IP-led testing is the future. The clients who are using patented tools, IP-led testing offered to them. This will help the clients to start their QA initiatives.
It is required that quality needs to be assured and has to be delivered with a predictable outcome, speed, and in a lowered cost model. To continue with the changes, there is a demand for a comprehensive service portfolio, which can address generic as well as unique requirements with rapid assessments.
Neravati also said that “We also believe that Independent Software Testing will play a crucial role in sectors with large application portfolios like BFSI, Life sciences, and Utilities. Leading industry report predicts Financial Services and Energy, Utilities will lead the pack.”
He also said, “Companies need to invest in Career testers backed by strong skills in open-source tools, agile testing models, Performance testing, Security testing, Cloud Testing, Dev-Ops, Social and Big Data testing, Application Performance Monitoring, and most importantly Mobile test automation tools.”
Specialized software testing service providers are required due to the initiatives around enterprise Mobility, Cloud and Big Data, adoption of Enterprise App Stores, Responsive web. New age software testing services are required by digital enterprises as disruptions take place in the process of adoption of technology.
The disruptions which are happening due to the advent of young mobile application development people; innovative crowd-sourced testing vendors, passionate weekend testing vendors, and others, according to him, companies are trying and learning to deal with such issues.
 By investing in the superior cloud which leads to the enablement of the testing infrastructure, look at deep R&D that can plug gaps in the current offerings in the existing market tools, while complimenting them which leads to the companies to back their services models.
To provide benefit to the enterprises, the next logical move will be cloud-based testing, after considering the benefits of the flexibility, cost, and increasing feasibility.  Independent Software testing enterprises and major corporations offer the services which include (Taas) Testing as a Service as its part. Since testing over the Cloud is an important decision and there is a need for impeccable pre-engagement assessments and agreements in the form of a global service delivery model that meets standards compliance, data privacy, and global business protocols.
On the basis of this, in the end, Neravati says that this year 2014 will be an exciting year for independent software testing services companies.

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