Why E-Mails required Security

We all are living in the world of web and in this world, Email is a very common and most used feature used by people on daily basis. As E-Mail is directly related to internet and we all know that internet is highly unsafe. Unauthorised users such as hackers searching several ways to enter to the server, sites and even our mail-boxes to access important emails having some private or confidential information. The purpose behind these activities is mainly evil; to steal the information for their personal lives or to cause disruption.
With this, e-mails having malware like a virus, worms, trojan horse in the form of attachments, or spam are constantly growing, and it becomes difficult to stop them. In addition to this, targeted spear-phishing is rising at a fast pace. When even the savviest employees of an organization by mistake click on the link which is malicious, it may expose the organization to cybercrime.
The demand for IT projects in IT Sector is growing continuously thus it is required that e-mails must be kept safe and secure and time to time maintained properly.
From the above, it is evident that our e-mails also need protection at a high level as they are mission-critical too.

Trend Hosted Email Security

Trend Hosted E-Mail Security, a solution required no maintenance, offers updated protection to e-mails on a continuous basis. It prevents spam, spear-phishing, malware such as virus, worms, and advanced targeted attacks at the right time, i.e. before these things reach to the e-mail or network. Base offerings comprise of Email Encryption too.
Hosted Email Security offers optimal protection to the Google Apps, MS-Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, e-mail services which are on premises and other hosted solutions.
By preventing or stopping the spam emails, it assists in reclaiming the bandwidth and productivity. This solution even acquired the first position for preventing phishing attacks and spam. It ensures over 99% blockage of spam.
It saves time too by implementing critical business initiatives. The team of experts continuously implements all the Updates and patches, leads to saving of time of users.

Why E-Mails Secure Hosting

When E-Mails are hosted securely, It offers protection from spear-phishing with the following-

·1 Target is protected by any attack- Trend Hosted Email Security protect against invasions which are targetebygh web reputation, protecting from social engineering attacks, and through new detection engines. Cloud-based threat analysis are also employed to stop attacks of highly targeted email using exploit sandboxing and detection. When all these components are integrated, it offers protection against targeted attacks.

·2 Protection from Social Engineering Attack- Spear-phishing emails are detected by correlating the components of email like their main content or body, header, and network routing through new technology meant for offering protection against Social Engineering attack.

·3 Improved Reputation of Web- Trend Hosted Email Security scans the URL's which are embedded in e-mails using enhanced technology from Smart Protection Network to prevent URLs, which leads to malicious websites.

·4 Advanced Threat Scan Engine- This engine is mainly used to detects advanced malware in various kinds of files like MS Office -Word, Excel, or PDF and other formats by making use of static and heuristic logic. It assists in detecting and in testing the abnormalities with known and nil-day exploits.

·5 Cloud Sandbox- It offers in-depth simulation and malicious attachment analysis an automated basis with office documents used frequently and executables in a safe and secure sandbox environment which is hosted by Trend Micro.