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Securing AutoFill

Securing AutoFill Form FeatureSometimes its daunting to fill the pesky online forms. Although it has become much more comfortable to fill online forms as compared to paper ones, with convenience we want automation. We wish that standard details like address, phone number, mobile number, name, father's name, and other personal information should get automatically filled. For every form most of the data is the same, so instead of retyping, they should get autofill.

Most browsers store personal information on their autofill forms and with just one click fill entire form. The convenience brings the concern about the security of stored information on autofill systems. Nobody would like to give away their sensitive personal information to an unscrupulous phisher and fall prey to nasty tricks. The phisher places the hidden elements or boxes which most of the browsers are not able to detect or block. They collect information through these boxes not visible on pages. So, its always advisable to keep autofill option switched off and turned it only when required. Otherwise inadvertently your sensitive information like credit card information, email address and other valuable information can get leaked. Your vigilance is your protection.

Third-Party Password Managers

Use Password Managers like LastPass or 1Password which uses Autofill API added to Android in Oreo and kept them secure.

How to Turn Off AutoFill

  • Chrome: click the three-dot “More” button in the top right > Settings > Show advanced settings > then uncheck “Enable Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click” under “Passwords and forms.”
  • Safari: Go to Preferences > AutoFill > deselect all types of information you want Safari to fill in automatically.

Safe Browsers

  • Mozilla: Does not allow multi-box autofill system
  • Google Chrome 69: Improved autofill to accurately remember and fill passwords, addresses, and credit card numbers. The information stored in the Google account and it's not easy to access it using chrome toolbar.