Some important details about Windows Server 2008 R2 Host file

Host files are computer files used to identify IP addresses after mapping from hostnames. Windows server contains hostnames for identification of computer. It is a simple plain text file conventionally called hosts which do not contain file extension used to override addresses. The host files act as a domain name system internally. It is used for protecting sensitive data over the network from spyware and ad blocking. Host file windows server 2008 R2 contains host names which then converted into unique IP addresses for identifying computer location. It is used for address redirection and translation which keeps data secure. Operating system before converting hostname into address first check domain host file before enquiring domain name system for IP address that you want, if file found then the operating system or browser get back the content of the file from IP address of the server which has indicated in the domain name system. Host files are used for blockage of the website, filtration of content and website redirection.

Location and Identification of Host files

For addressing network nodes in a computer network which system facility assist is a host file. The host file is normally present on Windows server. It is a common file to IP network whose hostname convert into numeric IP address for identification of host in IP network. Hostnames are converted because it is not user-friendly that is why they are converted to IP address so that website user can understand and identify address easily. Every server has different hostnames thus every server contains unique IP address. There will no problem occur when checking the computer location. A line of texts is written in host files which contain IP addresses in the first line and host name in the second line separated by space. Sometimes in between comment lines are also present separated by a hash. It is very important for windows server identification.

Steps to Create Windows Host files

To make host file for windows, you need to open it in a text editor for editing or some other purposes. In a text editor, you can modify host file by inserting comments which is easy to identify according to your will. There are many spyware who purposely post ads on the site and change their content due to which the visitor’s information is hacked and used for the wrong purpose so for this host files block ads, filter content and so on for privacy and security purpose of the user. Blocking of the file is done through browser redirection, but you must be careful about files that it should be from legitimate source because if it found from non-legitimate, then the files can be used for an illegal purpose which can trouble you. Thus for prevention from such things you need to change settings in the host file, you have to make them “read-only” so that no spyware attacks on server data. Basically malicious attackers make dummy page of a website that looks similar to original one if you do not change the settings. After changed settings the site is secured, and the user can do whatever they want to do, so be careful about files security.