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Social Media Marketing Strategy For Online Businesses

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Social Media Marketing Strategy

Every business strategy is determined to increase sales, promote products or services and to build recognition and reputation. Companies are doing both online and offline business marketing. When we are talking about increasing online business, it is to draw more traffic towards their website. More traffic means more opportunity for sales.

Almost all the businesses do share on social media networking websites for that they hire social media executives and experts. Large corporations have a full team of such executives to develop strategy and put their efforts to meet desired goals in certain time limits.

Everything to be shared must be creative, focused, sensible and related to the target audience. The progress of every effort is measure, keeping the strategy in mind. A strategy is usually an outline of several tasks framed to steps. Company managers of big corporations have their strategies done first and then all the work is done according to that. Their SME’s are aware which steps need to take next, as everything is planned. This is also the reason for their success. It is not like that small company can’t do that, or they are not successful in online social media marketing, but it is always a win-win situation when you are aware of steps to be taken in every situation. A strategy is a thought process:

Goal Setting – Social Media Marketing Strategy

The strategy defines the goal which needs to be achieved. You are determining the idea of results of the efforts. Once the idea is there, all the steps will be determined by focusing on that. Proper analysis needs to be done to find out, which of the goals are realistic or reasonable.  The next step is to set priority to such goals. There would be some specific and general goals. It is always better to go with specific goals first.

In a web hosting world, companies set their goals to increase sale, resale, brand recognition and reputation. Goals can be for short term and long term.

Specific goals of Hosting Companies

  1. Provide the best support – Application of new technology to provide absolute support and enhance customer satisfaction.
  2. No crowded servers – Best ratio for an account to a server in order to satisfy all customers.

General goals of hosting companies

  1. Increase website traffic
  2. Brand recognition and reputation of products or services

Know your customer

Use demographics, age, sex and attitude information of customers in framing strategy to attract them. Choose the right platform where most of the customers reside. Research on:

Making strategy around customers always gives best results.

Share Proper Content

While knowing customers, companies come across with their

The research on most of the topics and then frame information to be available on their websites and to be shared on social media networking websites. Companies, who retain their customers in all seasons, are the companies, which get top listings – Content priority should be fixed first for existing customers. Hosting companies don’t promote their ‘Adult Hosting’ plan, as they feel that existing customers may leave because of this.

Companies always try to share the content which is new, interesting and favor customers. Content strategy should be framed keeping in view the old customers, attract new ones and attract repeat customers on their website. For that, they put images and videos, along with text to make it more interactive and interesting.

Account Selection on the basis of brand

If your company is LinuxHost, then try to choose the account name on social site related to the brand name. Sometimes it is not possible to find an exact name, then try to add location to the account name like VegasLinuxHost. Some accounts do add a toll-free number. Add the business element with account names to get it memorize with brand names.

Time Period Strategy

Regular updates on social media account are recommended for better results. Timely reviews or comments is necessary to keep in touch with other members and will encourage them to be interactive and thus opens the doors to reach them.

Keep track of progress towards goals

People just only don’t want to read, they need call-of-action. Keep track of sales and the source from where it is generated. If sales from some link start decreasing, then alert should be there and managers should be informed of that.

SiteGeek is a research-based module, which can be helpful in developing the best social media strategy for a hosting company. It gives information about social media sentiments and analyses them.  If a tool is properly used, can be handy in planning and implementing social media strategy.

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