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last year Google is ranked among the top technology companies building stockpile

In U.S., last year Google is ranked among the top technology companies building stockpiles of legally-protected innovations. It was counted because it was awarded with around 2000 patents which is almost twice the figure of the previous years, if all are combined together.
Patent office filings done an analysis which shows the rapid growth and is consider as the latest sign of the search company of the web or internet in which they attempt to support a weak position in the smart phone industry’s patent wars.
The patents which are issued in the year 2012, on the basis of that Google ranked no. is 21 and according to an annual ranking compiled by a patent research company known by the name of IFI Claims, it was not even in the top 50 in 2011.
 When the patents wars of the smart phone broke out they caught with some of the legal defences and to access the patents, pressure is put on the Google to purchase the Motorola, struggling smart phone maker for price $12.5bn, even many analysts question that how much that acquisition was helpful.
The patents which are acquired have not lived up to their price tag and due to this Google decided to focus more on developing its patent portfolio with in-house applications.
According to a review of the US Patent and Trademark Office database, in the last year 2013 1920 patents were assigned to the Google. It is possible that it will end in the top 10 ahead of companies such as General Electric and LG Electronics, on the basis of the IFI analysis of the previous year’s data.
Among the industry leaders, patent race has threatened in order to overpower smaller technology companies which in turn put pressure on them to mount their own acquisition campaigns to defend themselves.

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