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Distributed Network Global File System (GFS)

GFS2 packages include:

These packages contain tools like:

Implement GFS2 File System

The GFS can run directly via connecting to SAN (storage area network) or GNBD (Global Network Block Device) storage connected over a LAN (Ethernet) -connected systems. It separates the physical implementation from the logical format.

To setup GFS2 file system, create a cluster device using the physical-volumes and organize them in logical-volumes. The GFS logical volumes created and managed by the Cluster Logical Volume Manager (CLVM), a cluster enabled LVM. They can easily mount on any directory on the Linux file system.

gfs2_mkfs -t ananovacluster:anagfs -p lock_dlm -j 2 /dev/vg0/mgfs mount -t gfs /dev/vg0/mgfs /gfs1

Place an entry in the /etc/fstab file to automatically mount file system

/dev/vg0/mgfs /anagfs gfs2 noauto,defaults 0 0
service gfs start

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