Website design creation

F-LayoutCreation of website is the procedure of collecting information, planning, and updating websites. Web designing is the simple process of an aesthetically presentation of ideas on electronic web pages. Webpages can be accessed through internet with help of web browser. Web sites creation comprises layout, color, graphics, font, content. For making user friendly website multimedia, navigation, interactive technology, compatibility and virtual photography should be present as a key component of websites. As simple website for finding information and navigation get more exposure on internet.

Website's first impression matters a lot than users and web masters predictions. The first layout comes to visitor's eyes is website. How can web master engage audience ? Website audience and growth in sales are proportional to each other. You have to create website more interactive and user friendly to collect more users and visitors.

The F-Pattern for Lengthy Content

Website encloses some patterns of layout. The one of them is F-pattern which is used for bulky- text websites like news sites, blogs and in-depth landing pages. Most popular site pattern all over the internet which is generally useful for reading the web Content.

F-pattern presents content as in form of English alphabet F that consists two horizontal lines followed by a vertical stripe.

How Users Move Eyes at F-Layout

Visitor's behavior of reading is different from many web pages and tasks. Users eyes scan the content at awesome speed across website words in F-Layout. Basically it has three feature:

  • Horizontal movement comes first , mostly across the upper part of the content area. Eyes movement from left-to-right direction.
  • Second, movement little bit downward then begin to read second horizontal navigation
  • Finally users move their eyes to left side vertical stripe's content. Generally this is slow and systematic scan.

Some times F-pattern becomes E-pattern because users will read across a third part of content make third horizontal stripe. This pattern makes more like E than F. Other time users make L -shaped pattern while moving their eyes across the webpage. So these all pattern are based on users behavior of movement.

Implementation and Effect of F Pattern

Implication of F-pattern should consider some guidance for writing eye catching content:

  1. Hardly visitors read each word of content that why the first two sections would be impressive and should comprise the main attraction of content. Users won't do in-depth reading, specially when clients are collecting initial research.
  2. The first two section should contain your point of hook where most important information is placed. Because this is the point where users may actually read material.
  3. One section covers only one idea and starts subheads, sections and bullet points which carrying eye catching words that users will notice first.
  4. Try to begin every new section with enticing keywords or bullets words.

The F-shaped layout is great for noticeable way of reading but still content is always king for web pages. Just keep in mind that side bar exists to have users involvement in comprehensive reading.

The righthand side bar with F-layout has two main goal:

  • contain associated but unrelated content like links to other posts, a social media, advertisement links to backlinks etc. You can put these at right hand side to have users attention generally not fit to primary content.
  • Search tool- this option not only have search bars but also contain category listings,a “popular posts” widget, tag clouds, etc.


Repeatedly F-layout use by designers for its imitate user's natural sight patterns. With F-pattern creating a website layout is encouraging users to follow naturally. When it comes to the point of displaying heavy content you will need to organize. The F-pattern simply follows common tendency of human eyes so do optimization first. There is no need to follow it rapidly. The pattern is a guideline not a template. It shows the pattern how users read online. Reading depends on user behavior. Reading vary from user to user, you have to write differently.