Hey there is a good news for the people  living in Southern Nevada, especially for the unemployed ones, as one company is expecting to develop their production and distribution facilities in the place and for this they will going to recruit more than hundreds of people in Southern Nevada. The company is a very popular wireless tech company situated at China, has started its operations in Las Vegas. Creation of the new employment opportunities in Southern Nevada, news is announced on 9 Jan, 2014.
The announcement has been made in conjunction with this week’s Consumer Electronics Show, which is conducting in the Las Vegas.
Wirelessor, a tech company based at Shenzhen has begun its operations at the RobRoy Innevation Centre at Switch which is a high tech centre for the storage of data located at the southwest of Las Vegas. It offers the control devices related to application, transfer of data and charging for the companies such as Apple, Amazon and Windows.
As per the talk with Mr. Gary Lee, the President and CEO of Wirelessor enterprises, the company has decided that they will be locating in Long Beach, Calif., until and unless they met last year with the representatives of the Las Vegas Global Economic alliance and the Governor’s office of economic development.
As per the talk with Tom Skancke to Mr. Garry Lee, Lee said that Tom the CEO of the Las Vegas Global economic alliance last year in Shenzhen was interested in knowing what Las Vegas had to offer. Lee said that earlier he was considering to open his North American operations in long beach but after a while he has changed his decision because he has compared the tax, political and economic climates of both regions and on the basis of this, he has taken the decision that Las  Vegas was the better option.
The company’s four top executives have already moved to Las Vegas and Wirelessor already display Las Vegas as its North American headquarter on their website.
As per the Lee, it is possible that the production and distribution plant will going to build in the next 18 to 24 months and thus there will be recruitment activity or some local hiring will be going to done at the end of the January.