Which are the essential WordPress plugins for your business website?

WordPress has a good developer support, thus it has so many plugins and most of them are free.

Essential WordPress plugins are as follow:

Sidebars plug-in: For most of the websites, there is a need to assign widgets to particular categories, posts and so on. This plug-in is basically used to create an unlimited number of sidebars and then assign them to particular categories, posts, pages etc.for any widget area. It is free of cost.

Improved text widget: It is a free plug-in which comes with WordPress and it provides you enriched text widget for use.

Backup plug-in: This plug-in is basically used to provide proper, reliable and secure backup for the WordPress and other websites to secure their data and other content but it is not free.

SEO Plug-in: It is the best plug-in for WordPress and it allows you to have full control over the title of pages and meta descriptions per page/post basis and for a category or tag pages.

Removing spam: This is the best plug-in used to remove spam and it can also be available for our personal use without any charges.

WordPress form plugins: Forms are used by the sites to collect information from their users to provide services and earn revenue, thus this plug-in is used for this as it contains 100’s of add-on plugins which support various features and integrate into CRM.It is not free.

Social media plug-in: It supports social networking websites like facebook twitter etc.It will add a floating box on site which allows users to share the page they are on.

Speed improvement plug-in: Websites which contain a lot of data i.e. heavy scripts, photos etc. faces the issue of speed. This plug-in solves this issue and improves the speed of your website. It is also free.

Interesting business blog plug-in: This plug-in is meant to make your business blogs attractive and interesting by giving you simple, fast and free access to images and generally it is used for small business sites.

Notification plug-in: This plug-in allows you to add notification bar on the top of the site to display notice or announcements.

Secure plug-in: It is used to secure your site.

Event plug-in: This is used to create, manage and promote events, it provides required information to the visitors and also accept registration fees from them.

E-Commerce plug-in: This is the most powerful plug-in available for e-commerce or online shopping etc.

Appointment plug-in: This is used to book, manage and cancel your appointments on the website.

Brand plug-in: To provide recognition, customer support, increase sales, maximize profit, branding of a website is necessary, thus this plug-in works for the same.

Advertisement plug-in: This plug-in will help to place ads on each post on your site.

Admin bar plug-in: This allows you to add text, links, and logos on the admin bar of WordPress.

Question answer plug-in: It will allow us to put Question answer section on the website like yahoo answers.

The WordPress plugins mentioned above are few in number, besides them no. of plugins are available and you are required to use them as per your requirement.


Zed eCommerce 8.0 by Zed suite is considered to be a milestone in providing effective e-commerce solutions for the integration of SAP one. This offers one of the most comprehensive solutions. The Zed eCommerce 8.0 has WordPress integration that gives business owners complete control over the content of their websites. This version is priced perfectly to fit the budget of medium-sized business owners. So business owners are able to afford the new technology to improve their operations. Business owners that use SAP one and the users that use Zed e-commerce can take full advantage of the Zed eCommerce 8.0.

By using Zed eCommerce 8.0 business owners can utilize the best of two worlds. Now business owners may sometimes feel like transferring a store to another platform or they may feel like starting an online store and they are able to do this by using Zed eCommerce 8.0. The features of Zed eCommerce 8.0 allows the users a lot of customization and flexibility which is what a growing business really needs at this time.

Since Zed eCommerce 8.0 provides CMS through WordPress businesses can exercise complete control over their websites and they can control things like themes, extensions, content pages, and navigation. You can give your online store a completely new look. Since Zed eCommerce 8.0 provides indexing for static pages and descriptions for the store the whole thing is indexed very easily by Google.

A little bit about the creators of Zed eCommerce 8.0

Zed suite is a reliable web integration partner that is responsible for taking the potential of SAP business and spreading it all over the world. Zed suite provides the appropriate level of customization and integration to cater to the individual needs of each customer. Zed suite provides the companies to provide innovative services to the customers so that even the customers feel that they are getting services worth the money that they have spent.

By providing Zed eCommerce 8.0 zed suite has empowered businesses to deliver good and flexible services. The company employs a very steady team of experts who know how to get on with it and provide exactly what the customers are looking for. The company follows a consultative approach to ensure that the solution provided is in alignment with the goals and processes of each business.

Zed Suite Incorporation is a component of the ZED group of companies since 1922. The group of companies is privately owned and operated and has a vision of sharing its technology with the customers and help them improve their operation in the process.

The best part is that Zed eCommerce 8.0 has various sophisticated tools that make the job a lot easier. The interface is very user-friendly and very easy to use. So once you install this you must take the time to go through the various tools as there is plenty that you can do. So take the time and go through the entire interface and do not rush through the process. Follow the tips in the article for a better understanding of zed eCommerce 8.0 for SAP Business with WordPress Integration.

Before having a conversation on the topic E-commerce For WordPress we should be familiar with the terms that are E-commerce, E-commerce Hosting, WordPress and Wordpress Hosting.


Electronic commerce, commonly known as E-commerce, is a type of industry where buying and selling of product or service is conducted over electronic systems such as the internet and other computer networks.

E-commerce Hosting

If a company wants to sell it’s product and services on the internet then another company is required for fulfilling that requirement which is needed by the company to sell those products and services and such sort of business is termed as Ecommerce Hosting.


WordPress is a free, open-source personal publishing system that enables us to create a complex blog or web blog, on our site easily. It is written in PHP and MYSQL database.

WordPress Hosting

Fundamentally, a hosting service that will host a WordPress site is called WordPress hostingWordPress Web hosting is the leading open-source engine which is used for blogging by all the blogs. WordPress Web hosting is easy, user-friendly and can be downloaded and installed at our domain without any difficulties.

Now we come to our focal conception that is E-commerce For WordPress.The online activity of selling and purchasing of a product by using WordPress is termed as E-commerce for WordPress. The WP eCommerce plugin for WordPress is the most commonly used shopping cart system for WordPress.

Resources For Setting Up E-commerce For WordPress

The resources for setting up E-commerce For WordPress are as follows:


WordPress e-Commerce Plugin

A very popular plugin that offers a lot of options for setting up an online store with WordPress. WP e-Commerce integrates with PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.net and more.


It is another popular e-commerce plugin. The cost is $55 for a single-site license or $299 for a developer’s license. The plugin includes a lot of features, including numerous payment options and lithe shipping calculations.


eShop is a free plugin that also has a lot of features and options for setting up an e-commerce site with WordPress.

Quick Shop

Quick Shop is a free plugin that users sidebar widgets to create a simple shopping cart. We can place tags in our post that will generate a form to add products to the cart.

YAK for WordPress

YAK is a free plugin that creates a simple shopping cart that associates products with posts, so it uses the post ID as the product ID.


Crafty Cart

A free e-commerce theme designed to work with the e-commerce plugin.


It is a new free theme from Chris Wallace.

E-commerce Theme

It is a premium theme from iThemes.It is a single-user license cost $79.95 and a developer’s license costs $199.

Market Theme

It provides everything that is needed to run an e-commerce site with WordPress. The cost is $55 for a standard license or $150 for a developer’s license.


It is available through ThemeForest for $35.


It is available through ThemeForest for $30.


It is also available through ThemeForest for $30.

Advantages Of E-commerce For WordPress

The advantages of e-commerce for WordPress are

Well Defined Categories / Groups Section

There is a self-explanatory tab that says Groups which allows us to add unlimited categories and subcategories to our e-commerce store.

Adding Products is simple

Adding products is easy when we click on the products link. It offers a wide range of settings to customize the products – price and stock controls, shipping and weight settings, product variations, merchant notes, product downloads, coupon codes, and promotions.

Widgets make things easy

Widgets make things easy to display products on our entire website.

Many Payment Gateways Available

WP e-Commerce comes with a few pre-installed payment gateways including Chronopay, PayPal, PayPal – Express, Google Checkout, and manual payment (for cash or money orders).

Thus, E-commerce For WordPress surely earns genuine consideration for any new online store project.