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The highly specialized spear phishing attack

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An attack against a specific target or small group to collect information or gain system access. And, in this spear phishing attack, the cybercriminals use a highly specialized technique to send a message from the entity known to the victim for asking credentials or gain system access. Most of the victims without giving a second thought sometimes reveal personal and financial information. The cybercriminals use domain name very similar to an organization, which sometimes eyes fail to catch. Furthermore, the victim gets duped believing that mail received from the known entity.
The businesses face substantial losses in such attacks when launched against their customers. The emails sent by cybercriminals looks so original and authentic that even mail-filters fail to detect them.

How cybercriminals come to know about a known entity?

The cybercriminals use social engineering, keep an eye on the Internet activities especially on social media. Most of the hosting customers might have received messages or voice calls when they book a domain. They dupe the innocent customers by making him/her feel that they are calling or messaging on behalf of the registrar and it is after sales support. They ask to verify the details before they support, the information they have already gained by a bit of research and then cunningly try to extract other information.

Protection – spear phishing attack

Most of the email certifications and encryptions added to the mail-client catches and protect against phishing attacks. An individual or business can report to the network administrator for such suspicious or unusual activity. The financial institution's customers may contact to single-point-contact for an account lock. The cyber-cell of policy department can be reported. The companies often introduce security awareness initiatives through training and skill assessment. They use office 365 threat intelligence attack simulator to run simulations of real-time phishing and brute force attacks on their network. Thus, help to prepare like mock drills in advance.

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