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Israeli companies

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will take this week at the Las Vegas. It is the world’s largest and best tech show, in which several no. of manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and many more will participate to show off their wares to over 150,000 visitors from 150 countries.
If we talk about the CES, then it is not only about the consumer goods but it will consider technology in general, and due to this Israeli tech companies will also participate in the show at CES. The other participating companies are Comigo, eyeSight Technologies, PointGrab, and Silentium.
This year visitors will learn the new things by attending this show like they will come to know the smart ways by which video can be watch and music can be listen via tablets, phones and TV’s. It allows the users to view the content on their own devices as companies who are using cloud computing technology to develop a content social network are also participating in this show. It also allows the users to enjoy the full sharing of experience and content by integrating smart phones and smart TVs.
eyesight Technologies develops gesture technology for TVs and many other devices. It is a software based company thus it can be easily integrated with almost any type of device. The world’s first Android smart set-top box with integrated gesture recognition technology is developed by the company. The box allows the users to control all the functions of their TV set with hand gestures and also turn any digital-capable set into a “smart TV,” with Internet, Youtube, video call, and other capabilities.
Silentium has the computer algorithm-based silencing technology which allows you to always keep the voice of TV slow, while you are watching it. This technology is also applied to a wide variety of consumer products and business. The company is having Active Noise Control (ANC) which will produce an anti noise signal that create interruption with the original sound wave and cancels out the noise.
PointGrab was founded in the year 2008 is another gesture company who has been making a huge splash in the world of digital hardware from last several years. Recently a software kit is developed by the company which is basically meant for the developers of iOS apps for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. PointGrab’s technology is mainly used by many smart TV’s, company said.
Not only local companies are participating in the show but Israeli-developed technology is likely to show up in many places at CES; large high tech companies that show off their technology are Broadcom, Qualcomm, Samsung, Intel, and others all have extensive R&D organizations in Israel.
Broadcom has acquired eleven Israeli companies that develop Passive Optical Network processors, mixed signal semiconductors for microwave backhaul systems, system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions for fem to cells for better Internet connections, switch fabric solutions for data center networking equipment, and more.
Last year in the CES show, QualComm has shown the demo of their multi-gigabit wireless WiGig chipset which is produced in cooperation with Israeli fabless chip maker Wilocity. In 2014, the company is going to introduce a series of products including the Snapdragon 802 processor, an integrated SoC designed for smart TVs, smart set-top boxes and smart digital media adapters to give entertainment to the people at home.
To recruit CES exhibitiors, Israel hosted its own “mini-CES,” a series of pre-Vegas events held all over the world few months back. The event was known by the name CES Unveiled was conducted in the four cities London, Paris, New York and Tel Aviv. The fourth city Tel Aviv is chosen as an honour by the Dan Cole, a vice-president at the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), which sponsors CES.
According to the Cole, there are thousands of visitors who come to the show to see security systems, infrastructure in networks, telecom, and information technology, connectivity and many other non-consumer areas.

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