Host integration server is an application that provides connectivity between windows network and IBM mainframe systems. It allows mainframe and server to work together but only when they are correctly installed and configured. It allows enterprises and organizations to serve data to their clients from different host server platforms. It is a powerful tool used to combine data, message, programs, and systems into existing web applications.

Due to this integration, HIS can efficiently and securely connect new system to existing one which reduces a lot of development costs and make huge capital savings. Host integration server 2010 offers various tools and technologies that deliver new solutions to organization developers, administrators keeping host system integrity and performance preserved. With the help of it, enterprise developers provide application quickly, and it requires less coding system.

Features of Integration Server Hosting

It has various features such as network integration, data integration, message integration, application integration and security integration. In network integration, Windows applications like desktops, devices, servers, etc. are connected to existing mainframe system and reduce complexity and cost of network infrastructure. It is basically used to improve addressability and manageability of different networks. They can configure network settings and make the network secure from malicious attacks by encrypting the data thus the client can connect to the server and vice-versa.

In data integration, HIS allow developers direct access of information from database management system and can record host file names of the system. Host Integration Server 2010 provides two connections one for connecting to mainframe database and second for connecting host file system. The application tool used for managing, creating, delivering and connecting data SQL server studio application is used. Thus, it is best for providing data warehouse solution.
In application integration, it allows organization developers to combine and extend transaction programs of the host by using .NET framework and visual studio application. Through transaction integrator, host developers can access and update applications of the server. Thus, network connection becomes stronger and safer. With transaction integrator, you can easily understand, read and print numeric data values. Message integration enables professionals to integrate Windows applications into existing programs, information, and messages through windows server.

Application manually does the process through sending and receiving messages. Suppose if sent message failed thus the system manually respond to the failure and send a message about the failure. Thus, it keeps data safe and secure by converting the information into specific code. Security integration allows users to store data in encrypted form in database application which keeps data protected. Users can then retrieve data anytime. A security integration, professionals of enterprises, need to sign in for accessing the information. They can also configure auditing, accessing a database, etc. Thus, these are some of the features through which you can host server and make changes according to the requirement.

Security of Integration Server

A security, network integration, data integration, and application integration are considered. As the data is on the network so to keep it safe from intruders, you can consider all these three features which play an important role. Due to this, a user without any tension can keep data on the network and whenever required accesses it.