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About OsCommerce

OsCommerce Solution: Company Overview

OsCommerce Solution was established in 2003.It is one of the most famous and progressive company. It gives best ecommerce packages and using this package, many websites have been developed. Regarding OsCommerce package, Company provides a wide range of OsCommerce package. Company offers many services like start from hosting and do it till code repairing to change the appearance. It also provides its hosting services to the shops related to the non-osCommerce shops. User has to install his shop to obtain their services. After installing the package, user will get full operational Ecommerce shop. Oscommerce can manage many products at a time.

Reliability and Performance:

OsCommerce delivers many facilities to the customers like it accept all credit cards, track orders and report customers history. Their services are best that provided to the customers. Company provides a site monitor tool for osCommerce shops which works against hacking. If a user is new to osCommerce then he will get desired information as per the requirement. The services are offered at affordable rates. The most important factor for any site is to modify it according to the search engines.

Hosting Plans

Many hosting plans are available in Oscommerce solutions. They are mainly providing Ecommerce solution. For all plans, osCommerce shop is available. One of the main hosting plans is Oscommerce web hosting. It comes with multilingual support, email and newsletter manager, SSL certificates, Statistics for products and customers, flexible tax functionality, customers can easily check their order history and complete checkout procedure. Apart from the above, this hosting manages handle shipping, access order details, structure the catalogue and set special discounts.

Features and Control Panel


Company provides technical support to the user via email, phone, and SEO support to the user as per their requirements. The support is available by 24/7 days. Customer can contact by using a form also in which they have to enter the desired information according to the problem.


Cancellation Policy:

User can cancel his webhosting plan if he will not find it more suitable for him. He has to apply for cancellation within 30 days after creating the account. No refund will be given after the notice period of 30 days of cancellation. Within notice period, company provides full refund to the customer. User gets the facility to cancel the non-monthly hosting plans at any time. User has to send the request of cancellation via email. If request has not been send then the account will not be cancelled and charges will be continuing on that account. After request of cancellation, the user account will be terminated related to the desired information.


Oscommerce solution is the best hosting solution provider related to the website designing. It is mainly important in terms of ecommerce field. Customers can get the facility of having online shopping and gain desired information on a particular website. For easy installion, customers are ease to find this website.

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