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tech companies to show off their gadgets at International

On 7 Jan’2014, The International CES expo will be organized in Las Vegas where companies will announce regarding their new technologies and show the demonstration of their new gadgets. Last year, 53 companies has participated in this and this year 55 tech companies in the Washington area plan to exhibit at the show.
The products which are to be showcased at the expo are high-end speakers, speech-recognition software, dog collars that can ­monitor a pet’s heart rate and apps which allow homeowners to monitor and control appliances in their homes using their smart phones.
Here present seven local companies that are exhibiting at CES.
Telcare- It is a Bethesda based company checks the blood glucose of the patients and sends their health data into the Internet cloud, accessible through a smart phone app. They are having a meter by which users get the permission to access to their physicians or health-care professionals, who can check the patient’s progress in real time. The meter was approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
 I4C Innovations- It is a software company whose main aim is to prevent identity theft, i4C Innovations in Chantilly, and specializes in pet-related technology. The company plans to show off a collar by which dog’s health and vital signs can be monitor, analytics is collected about the behaviour of animals and store all the details as digital health records.
XoWi- It is a speech-recognition device which allows users to wear it around their necks and translate the spoken commands into virtual ones. It is an open and independent , used by the developers  to integrate with other apps. XoWi connects wirelessly to smart phones through Bluetooth. This will be especially helpful to visually impaired smart phone users.
OmniSpeech- the Company’s software , embedded in microphones, focus on suppressing the noise and improving the quality of sound and speech. This technology will be demonstrated  at CES by Carol Espy-Wilson, a professor of electrical engineering at the University of Maryland who developed the software and is chief executive of the College Park Company making an Internet-based voice call, switching Omni­Speech on and off so listeners can note out the difference in the quality of the sound. This is the first time when company will exhibit at CES. The company is expecting that they will establish several customers and business partners and for the next year they have planned to embed their technology in hearing aids.
SimpliciKey- With the help of  SimpliciKey, physical locks can be remotely control by the home owners through their computers or smart phones. The Herndon, Va., company is unveiling new features for its mobile app, called KeyCloud. For example, it allows its users to set the doors to be able to lock at the same time on daily basis, also allow them to check the status of battery of SimpliciKey locks, and check the history of those persons who has accessed KeyCloud locks.
GoldenEar- the Company is specialist in high-end audio speaker systems and plans to present its latest set of speakers known as Triton one and its price is $5,000 a pair. According to the Sandy Gross, chief executive of the Stevenson, Md.-based Company. “Our positioning is we make high-end affordable.” Last year in the expo, the company has shown the demo of their l east-expensive speakers the Triton Seven which was available at the price of $700 per pair. At this time, he is planning to highlight GoldenEar’s signature technology so as to show off the more expensive pair with built-in subwoofers. For the company, CES is a very big opportunity as well as important show in which they meet their dealers.
PriceSpotting- It is a Blue Tiger Ventures, based in Northwest Washington. It allows the users to keep the record of the price of everyday goods at local stores, by debuting a new shopping-comparison app and also reward the users by providing those cash for their active level of participation.
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