Dohmen  announced on 3 Jan, 2014 that it has acquired three technology companies Red Arrow Labs, Clinical Path Consulting and ChemWare. The announcement has been made by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of the company Cynthia LaConte. Among these three companies, founder of the two companies Mark Grosskopf will going to join the company on the post of CIO (Chief Information Officer) of Dohmen Life Science Services and in future will work on the post of the president of all the three companies.
According to the LaConte, CEO of the company, company wants to offer their clients some more services in the areas of applications development, data analytics, consulting services and hosting and to make avail these services to their customers, they are searching for the best practice technology companies. CEO said “Our life science and healthcare clients are increasingly interested in using technology to connect with and empower healthcare consumers; in particular, through the growing use of analytics and mobile applications.”
Dohmen has taken the decision of the acquisition of the companies because in their company unique mix of services and shared values, played an important role and on the basis of these things, the company has decided this. The company’s main focus is on providing valuable new skills to their clients and to fulfill this goal, they need these technology companies, as all the three companies having their own expertise area like unique applications are design and develop by Red Arrow, regulatory and IT advisory services are provided by Clinical path consulting to the health care providers and the third company ChemWare provides important information management solutions to the laboratory market. With this the company is also looking for a new capability rooted in a common culture; one that operates from a place of purpose and trust.”
As per the statement of Grosskopf, he said that he likes the Cynthia’s passion for the blend of shared values and purpose of the company. He said “It's exciting to join forces with a solid, privately held company that shares our goal of leveraging technology to create efficiencies within healthcare while making a real difference in peoples' lives by improving the quality of their care.”
The company Dohmen was established in the year 1858 is an outsourced services company whose main aim is to provide a healthy life to all the people by improving the lives of others and this can be done by providing the treatments and tools people need to live a healthy life.
Dohmen is a trusted partner of more than 600 BioPharma and MedTech innovators. It is possible with the help of DLSS, Dohmen powers start-up, mid-tier and Fortune 500 companies, which provide support in the terms of offering their services that span the commercialization continuum from pre-approval regulatory consulting to in-home patient services. The company is private and free of all the conflicts. The company is having a unique position to propel personalized healthcare for life science innovators and individuals.