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Curb Illegal Child pornography sites

Children face tremendously graphic and sickening sexually explicit websites. It destroys there emotional-sexual balance in their young lives.
A report revealed that the US, 43,000 child-teen have access to pornography sites in 2019.

Online Platforms Role

The agencies are working to protect children and to keep young people safe. Proactively they are using the advanced machine learning technologies to detect grooming and prevent child sexual exploitation.

The social media platforms like Facebook keep it on their top priority and take immediate action on harmful content. They had processes to take down such content immediately. Images uploaded on platforms get automatically scanned to check abuse before getting published. The government of respective countries considers it as the statutory duty of the platforms to protect users.

Offenders exploit platforms and sites in open web to host child abuse pictures and videos.

Britain-based charity Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

Formed in 1996 focuses on removing child sexual abuse images, videos and URL's linking back to child abuse websites. It passes information to Interpol, which liaises with host countries to have content removed and comply with the local regulations.

According to IWF, the number of child abuse images and URLs hosted on popular sites has increased year-on-year. It found 742 incidents found in 2016, 1,016 in 2017 and 1,077 in 2018.

Statistics from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) show that 49% of the images, videos, and URL links it found on social media, search engines, and cloud services in the last three years were on the social network, making up 1,396 of the total 2,835 incidents found.

According to Telegraph figures, UK investigators found Twitter responsible for almost half of child abuse material hosted openly on popular tech sites. The Microsoft with 604 incidents is a second-highest number followed by Amazon with 375, and Google with 348, Facebook with 72, and its sister site Instagram 18 and 22 on YouTube.


Other Agencies fighting child exploitation and trafficking

The experts fear the possibility of developing pedophilia if perpetrators not arrested.

Indonesia vows to block WhatsApp over obscene images

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