Nowadays world has become full of an entrepreneur. One additional business has been generated that is reseller web hosting business.

Reseller web hosting

A user can purchase web hosting package from hosting provider by reseller web hosting. For example, if user purchase 90GB web space gets all equipment. After this, customers will be attracted and space, bandwidth will be provided. In return, the customer will pay for the effort. A hosting provider can work completely online. Reseller web hosting is the best way for anyone becoming a master of his own business. A user gets profit either in discount form or in commission by selling an account. As customer increases, profit margin also increases. This web hosting has so much flexibility through which account owners use their own hosting resources under price tag in order to host third-party websites.

One can start his web hosting firm under Linux/Windows Reseller hosting account and manage resources regarding hosting services with WHM or Parallels Plesk Panel. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge to manage clients hosting resources. Web host provider is responsible for maintaining hardware and network infrastructure and reseller owner configuration and updates according to the client database.

Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Reseller Hosting are:


  1. Anyone can start anywhere and use his own computer at home. He can earn a good income by getting a best hosting package.
  2. Web hosting company can deal with customer issues regarding server related problems, he will get support system all time. One thing should be kept in mind while selecting a web hosting service provider, which provides best customer service.
  3. Business expansion is extremely easy in case of reseller hosting. If any customer needs extra web space or more customers are acquired then better web hosting package is provided by web hosting service provider.
  4. Reseller hosting is simpler in comparison to any other online businesses.
  5. A user gets more flexibility with this hosting.
  6. Anyone can save money and earn more revenue at a low amount to himself.
  7. Reseller web hosting best technical support and web host absorbs costs regarding server maintenance.


  1. Web seller also needs constant attention of customer like any other business. There would be many people to help out, still, web seller needs to deal with customers for restoring problem with the server.
  2. It is the responsibility of web seller to find a customer, depends upon marketing techniques and other resellers’ availability.
  3. Reseller service is good only for the upstream provider. If the server will down frequently, then web seller can lose clients.
  4. If anyone wants to change web hosts, then move will be inconvenient for clients. It is better having own Dedicated or VPS server to start with hosting business. So, always get web host providing managed services.