Today we all are living in a world of web, it becomes the most important part of everyone’s life as some people are there who even cannot live without this and behind this reasons are different. Some are dependent on this for their survival as they are running their business via online mode and some people are addicted to this. With the help of internet, you can have a well versed knowledge on any topic in just few seconds. However, internet is not having any owner as it comprises of millions and billions of servers and hubs across the world. If you want your website to run and operate properly, a web server is required by you which stores your site along with its data i.e. text, video, images, graphics, audio, database, software and other details of your site. If you are having more than one website and to host both of them, it is recommended to get your own web server. There are so many web hosting providers available which offers their web servers for storing the websites of their clients. Mainly they offer two kinds of servers, one is Virtual Private Server (VPS) and the second one is dedicated server.

A Virtual private server is developed with software and you may have no. of VPS servers on a single machine. If you want to host multiple websites, then VPS is a good option which may allow you to host all the websites under just one roof or building and that too with a reasonable option. But it has one drawback also; it won’t allow you to have your own dedicated machine as the resources of VPS are evenly distributed. Thus, it shows that resources of the same machine are sharing with many other VPS, which are already installed on the same.

A Dedicated server as its name suggest, is a server which is dedicated to you only, here you will have your own web server. The dedicated web server offered by the company offers you the resources which are managed totally by you. These kinds of servers are very useful if your website is highly resource intensive like websites available for playing games, for chatting, for streaming or social media sites such as facebook, linkedin, twitter etc.

As we have understood the concept of dedicated server and Virtual private server but yes there is a major difference between both the servers. Before opting any server, it is essential that a budget as well as a technical plan for the resources required by you should be ready in your mind. If you are in the need of hosting only regular websites, then VPS is a good option for you but if you are in the need of a streaming server, for instance Shoutcast server, then dedicated server is a good option for you.

However, it is recommended for some people that they must start with a virtual private server and then after some period they should steadily move to a dedicated server as their revenue and income increases. Mainly it is seen that for the large size businesses or for the multi- national companies, a dedicated server is good to keep up and maintain the corporate level security of their website and files. The reason behind this as the dedicated servers is more safe and secure because you don’t need to share them with anyone. So, overall Virtual private servers are recommended when resources need to be shared and a dedicated server is recommended when there is no sharing of resources.

At the end, I just want to say that choosing the server among both of them is the choice of yours. It totally depends on your need, on your website, on your budget, on your technical plan and few other things need to consider by you before selecting the particular server.