We all know that technology companies are having the right of reading personal communication of their respective users. But it is possible that this right no more exist in 2014, as earlier this week, class-action lawsuit  is filed by the two facebook users against the social networking sites in which they claim that they have extract their information from their personal messages for the purpose of advertising and thus it violates state and federal law.
This is not the only case with facebook, a Silicon Valley company. Last year Yahoo and Google also face the same challenge; case was also filed against them because their clients said that the companies scanned the content of their e-mails. All the three companies’ cases are running in the federal district court in the Northern District of California, which covers Silicon Valley.
The case filed this year against facebook argues that the company is doing fraud to their users by providing them private settings, which states that their some messages are private but it is not happening because company scan the URL’s of those messages and then used them to build profiles about their Web activity. As per the complaint charges, it is a pernicious form of snooping, because the things which are reveal by the people in the private messages are those which they don’t want to disclose to the public.
According to the spokesperson, Facebook will defend itself but before that it will going to examine the specific allegations. Facebook will not face the major problem if it is collecting only URL’s from private messages. But there is a problem for Google and yahoo as these companies are offering free mail service, so is it for scanning user’s information for advertising purposes.