With the growth in technology, there are mainly three companies on which everyone will keep its eyes, as they will emerge as leaders in this year 2014. In terms of the social media domination, cloud storage innovation and creative media platforms, here come three hottest companies to watch in 2014.
Drop box- At present, the revenues generated by the Drop box is $ 200 million and investment made by them is $8 billion during 2013. With this investment value of $8 billion, Drop box is positioning to be more than a cloud storage platform in 2014. In this year, the company will emerge as a visionary leader in business cloud storage solutions which leads to the changes in the way about how business should maintain their storage of documents, enabling for an upsurge in mobile workforce attitudes and implementations.
Drop box for business is introduced by Drop box in the last year 2013. It has various advantages for their users such as they don’t need to open multiple windows at the same time, as it allows them to access their work files in one tab and their personal files in another tab. If users are having two separate accounts, one for their personal and one for their business accounts then they can pair them with the new tool. Arash Ferdowsi co-founders of Houston and CTO, post in their blog “It’ll be like having your house keys and your work keycard on the same key chain.”
The company makes the task of storage of documents very simple and also shareable for mobile professionals in today’s world.
Pinterest- The question arises in the mind, why this is consider as a hot company to watch? Sometimes it happens that people accept the great ideas with the passing of time and later it makes some sense to businesses. For the regular consumers, the company makes the task of image sharing very easy, enjoyable, personal, timely and collaborative. For the businesses, Companies, particularly in the B2B space, brought corporate outreach and marketing messages on the social media websites such as facebook and twitter and on LinkedIn. It is also seen that Pinterest is basically meant for businesses.
In 2014, it is expecting that Pinterest will join Google+ to beat facebook as a leading social provider because it is enticing huge brands. Pinterest is adding the no. of users, in Feb, 2013 the no. was 48 million and then it jumps to 70 million in July, 2013, which shows it is rising. The business marketers are also interested in the company as it provides an effective way to share and promote visual content marketing for 2014. At present, the company has about 500,000 and counting business accounts that are actively pinning marketing materials and corporate messaging.
The company offers a good platform for its brand identity and for its story telling. It is consider as the fastest growing social network with the large no. of iPad users, following it.
Flipboard- According to reports of industry watchers including AllThingsD, by Sep, 2013 the company raised $50 million in new funding. It is founded by entrepreneur Mike McCue and former Apple iPhone engineer Evan Doll in 2010. The company is trying to consume online content via its robust app. It extract information from the social media websites such as Twitter and facebook and re assemble them in an easy-to-navigate, personalized format in a mobile and now in a desktop with a touch screen environment.
From last few years, company is offering few new features such as it allows the users and publishers to create their own “magazines” of the content of their choice, through online mode. Company states that more than 3 million such magazines have been created by them. The company is having several no. of competitors such as Google and eading apps such as Zite, Circa and others but in 2014 they are on the top.
You need to watch these creative businesses during 2014, but with this also need to know the next great social media platform, mobile workforce utility and chic marketing tool targeting your marketing campaigns.