Nigerian market has a huge demand for Internet technology tools for communication, information and business transactions. Internet usage for financial transactions from excellent online purchase platforms is growing in the country. There is an unprecedented rise in use the Internet for multiple business objectives.

Registration of new domains and hosting services is set to increase even further. The Nigeria Internet Registration Association states that the requests for new domains would continually rise, with 4,122 domain name registrations carried out in the month of May 2017 only.

Local currency and local payment methods available to residents of Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa.

Adoption of .ng domains

  • The Internet Registration Association has called for assistance from journalists and media channels to create awareness of the availability of the .ng string.
  • NIRA encourages local hosting with the Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) and similar organizations. It makes efforts to populate the country's DNS system with individuals, businesses and government agencies adopting the .ng domain name. Dean of the NiRA academy, Sikiri Shehu, states the adoption of the .ng domains has the potential to cause a ripple effect in the economy, through the creation of jobs, the investment of capital back into the economy, and other income generating ventures.

.Africa Domains

  • Available from Web4Africa at $25 per year excluding premium, domain names
  • 9,400 registrations