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Export NFS4 File System

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The remote computer that holds the NFS4 file system makes it available to other computers on the net. It exports file system, which entails making entries in an NFS configuration file /etc/exports. The entries specify the file system exported, mountpoint (directory on the host system) and the list of hosts on the network that can access it along with options to control that access. Each time NFS server starts, the files read, and directories specified exported with corresponding entries made in the /var/lib/nfs/xtab file. The xtab file maintains the list of actual exports.

The exportfs command manually exports file system instead of using entries for them in the /etc/exports file and adding to the /var/lib/nfs/xtab file directly.

exportsfs -r -a -v

exportfs -o rw,insecure

A comma-separated list of export options placed within a set of parentheses may follow each host.
‘* ‘ applied to any host

Specifying Host

directory-pathname host(options) host(options) host(options)


Options operate as permissions to control access to exported directories.

User-Level Access

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