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NFS4 Access Control Lists

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nfs4-acl-tools package manages particular directories and files. It includes:

An ACL entry

ACL Options

Special URLs OWNER@, GROUP@, and EVERYONE@ correspond to the owner, group and other access used on standard permission

Use the mount command to mount the NFSv4 file system explicitly or by creating an entry in the /etc/fstab file.

$ mount -t nfs4 /home/ananova/wap
mount -t nfs4 -o soft,intr,timeo=20 /home/ananova/wap

Unmount NFS directory with the unmount command

unmount /home/ananova/wap

An NFS entry in the /etc/fstab consists of hostname, followed by pathname of the directory, where it is mounted, separated by a colon.

host:/home/ananova home/ananova nfs options 0 0

Automount service autofs configured using the master file /etc/auto.master to list map files. The master file lists the root pathnames where the file systems mounted along with a map file for each of those pathnames.

Mac OS X for Macintosh supports NFS for file sharing.

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