If you want to search for any company, then obviously you will go to search for it by its name. But it is possible that you may not find the right one, because may be it has change its name due to any reason. In the last year i.e. in 2013, there are some technology companies or vendors who did the same thing. The main reasons behind changing of name are branding and product popularity. It is seen that when company’s product becomes synonymous with a company, then it create branding challenge as companies need to find out if the corporate brand is more powerful than individual product or platform brands. If individual product brand is stronger than the corporate brand, then it becomes necessary for the companies to rename themselves so as to gain popularity. This is happened with the few tech vendors in 2013 that their individual product becomes more popular and had more brand equity than their own corporate brand.
There are multiple tech companies, but among all of them the notable ones are:
In the beginning of 2013, beleaguered smart phone vendor Research in Motion announced its new BlackBerry 10 operating system and devices. In the event launch by the company, which was organized for introducing its new operating system and devices, Research in Motion announced that its new name is now BlackBerry.
In 2013, one of the most talked-about technologies was the open-source Docker virtualization technology. It is a technology based project that was started by Dot Cloud, but in 2013 it becomes more popular by the name of Docker, so the company has decided to officially changed its name to Docker Inc. on Oct. 29, 2013
On Dec. 9, 2013 Opscode announced that it will going to rename itself and its new name will be Chef which is very famous as an open-source configuration management and orchestration tool in the DevOps world. Barry Crist, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company wrote on the company’s blog when they have made an announcement regarding the changing of the name that while there are many terrific organizations that build on Chef as part of their own solution, but there is only one Chef.
In 2007, 10gen was started and trying to develop an open-source cloud computing stack. With this, the company also built the open-source MongoDB NoSQL database, which has become increasingly popular. According to the co-founder Dwight Merriman of the company “When we saw the potential for the database we had built, we decided to focus 100 percent on MongoDB,” it is a statement in August made by him when he has made an announcement regarding the changing of their company name.
In the beginning of 2014, mobile testing vendor uTest has decided to rename itself and its new name will be Applause in a bid to broaden its appeal.
Not all technology vendors' company renaming efforts were about a central product brand. Another company is mobile security vendor Clutch Mobile, which was renamed itself as Mojave Networks in November, 2013 alongside a $5 million round of funding.
But it is also seen that all the renaming attempts made by the corporate world were not successful in 2013. Here you can see open-source database vendor Garantia Networks, which tried to rename itself ReddisDB in November, but was unable to change it name due to some reasons that have not yet been publicly disclosed.