Cloud Specs Web Host Monitor, a web hosting performance monitoring portal with monthly updates

About Cloud Spectator

On 8th Sep, 2014, Cloud Specs Web Host Monitor, a web hosting performance monitoring portal with monthly updates is released by the Cloud Spectator, a top leading technology organization aims at performance metrics and analyst. It is a cloud analyst agency which laid its emphasis on the performance of the Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas). Since long, more than 20 largest providers of Iaas across the world are actively monitor by the company and their VM performance which comprises of RAM, CPU, disk, workloads, internal network and other important things with their prices are compared so as to bring transparency in the cloud market. The cloud providers are able to understand their market position with the assistance of the company and they also help them to make the correct decision in choosing the right cloud providers and total cost of ownership can be reduced. The organization was established in the starting of 2011 and is situated at Boston, MA.

Cloud Specs™ Web Host Monitor enables consumers to?

As there are so many web hosts available in the market, so it is a challenge for a consumer to select the web host which offers performance intelligence in a limited quantity. Cloud specs Web host monitor enables consumers to track the response time and uptime of various web hosting companies so that they may take the correct and sound purchase decision. Twenty four Windows, Linux and Managed word press hosting companies are tracked at present across several web hosting companies and the no. is eighteen. As the awareness will increase, there are chances that the no. of included companies and offerings will also get increased.

Which web hosting company commissioned Cloud Spectator to build the portal?

Go Daddy web hosting company commissioned Cloud Spectator to build the portal so as to bring clarity in the web hosting industry. Jeff King, Vice President of Go Daddy states “Cloud Spectator reporting provides an open view into the cloud infrastructure space. Go Daddy wanted to bring the same level of transparency to traditional Web hosting.”

Cloud Spectator used software from Pingdom

Cloud Spectator used software from Pingdom in order to keep up and maintain the objectivity. Pingdom basically offers services to measure the performance of the website and laid emphasis on their methodology to measure their response time and uptime. There is a statement quoted by Pingdom, “With more than 500,000 users worldwide, Pingdom is dedicated to make the web faster and more reliable. And with our uptime monitoring, this is a great opportunity to do just that.” In this statement, the company is promising their clients that they are very dedicated towards their job, as they measure the performance of the web every time so whenever they goes down, they immediately take some steps in order to improve its performance and to make it more trustworthy and fast. They offer great monitoring services by which they measure the websites performance and if it is slow, they improve the same and make them more reliable. With this, all the test websites are setup by the Cloud Spectator exactly in the same way and without any content of the third party.

All or any web hosting provider is invited by the Cloud Spectator so that they may participate in the Cloud Specs Web host monitor. According to the Kenny Li, Chief Executive Officer of Cloud Spectator, “We want as many web hosts as possible so that we can provide buyers with a robust data set to help them make the best decision.” He also mentioned, “The more providers that sign on, the more value we can deliver to users and make this a collective effort to provide data that matters.”

At the end to make clear, web hosting providers who want to participate in the portal are encouraged by the Cloud Spectator.