Many online storage devices reside in the cloud and provide the perfect solution, ensuring access required to documents. Some best free solutions are there:-


In Microsoft Office, this solution is best to use. SkyDrive role as a minimal version of Office 365 is totally free. Anyone get free cloud storage of 7 GB and lot more also. A user gets a basic online version of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. It means a user can create Word Document on his computer, upload it on SkyDrive account and lesser adjustments are made in a cloud before downloading again. Entire documents are created in a cloud.

Windows solutions like Windows 8 and Office 2013 is well integrated with SkyDrive, is available cross-platform if a user goes mobile. A folder is synced on PC so that user can create syncs and provides third-party apps. A small business will be run by everything provided by SkyDrive. If anybody needs more storage space, options of 50 GB, 100 GB and at maximum 200 GB are available at annual fee $105.

Google Drive

Google Drive is offering a large 15GB free and also a big integration. App options of Google Drive like Spreadsheets, Google docs, Presentations and Drawing copy options of Microsoft software but not like SkyDrive. Documents created in Microsoft Word can upload by a user and migrate to Google Drive's native format. Large organizations are using to run their offices.

The same document is created by two or more people at the same time. A number of implications is dealt with customers according to their requirements. Gmail and other services like Google+ are integrated and 15 GB of space is growing slowly- for people having certain mobile phones gets 25 GB of free space. It is a mobile option and excellent app available for iOS and Android devices. Storage options are available up to 200 GB additionally at only $9.99 per month.


Dropbox is original and offering 2 GBs of free disk space, therefore it is a good option. Being a famous solution with ‘first-is-best' type loyalty, also a cross-platform solution supporting mobile and desktop devices. Dropbox excels in a mass of third-party options and community support that has an advantage in Dropbox's open API format. With other options again, a user can sync desktop with Dropbox. Therefore, a user can be sure of cloud-based backup of a user creating things. Storage of 500 GB is available additionally at $499.00 paid monthly with a discount of 17% for annual payments.

Box is offering a range of features and a professional's solution. People need to use a range of computers for their work and a great backup. Links for file sharing are generated so that documents are accessed by people are collaborating with them. In business and well-known companies, it is a famous solution utilized by them. Large email attachments are converted into stored files by Box before sending an email. A box is user-friendly and solid offering 10 GB of free storage with maximum upload size of 250 MB. Unlimited storage is offered for $35 per user per month.


People who own Apple devices, iCloud is beneficial for this and strong option. Files are synced on Apple devices like photos, music, apps, documents, and calendars etc. and allow a user to share saved files. Free cloud storage of 5 GB is offering and apps of iWork are providing an option similar to Google Drive. Documents can be created by Google Drive similarly as do their desktop using Microsoft software.

Norton Antivirus is known as best available antivirus solution, it is providing a safe location for files. Being a cross-platform solution, it excels in providing security options. On user's PC, a downloadable app is available and anything gets sent up to put in this ‘folder' which means efficient syncing is there. Storage of 5 GB is available free of charge while personal plans up to 100 GB at $11.99 a month. Built-in device management including ‘Mobile Password Management' is offered by Norton Zone so that access can be blocked by a user to lost devices.