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Secure Video Hosting

Videos are liked by every one of us. When we see practical or a demo of something, it catches our attention as we are able to see each and every step performing every second.
It simply shows that videos which are uploaded to any site or portal must be kept in a safe and secure manner as it attracts a no. of visitors. However, a question arises.

Online video sharing is becoming a Lucrative business model generating revenues from subscription, sponsorship, campaigns, brands, patents, and copyrights.

Secure Video Hosting/ Streaming/ Encryption/ Protection

Videos can be hosted securely in the following ways:
·1 Protecting Videos by enabling a password

This is a very straightforward and easy to use method for offering protection to the video content. By putting a password, a single video or a group of videos is protected, and their accessibility is restricted by unauthorized users or hackers. Users who are authorized are allowed to access the videos, manage expiry period of the password, total no. of views permitted and others. By this, it offers a complete control.

·2 Videos accessibility restricted by Geo-Blocking

In order to restrict the accessibility of videos by everyone, geo-restrictions can be applied. Geo-Blocking plays an important role when we wish to control or want to put some limit on the no. of viewers accessing the video content. It can be set and will allow viewers from specific zones only to view or access the video. These zones can be any area, city, state, country. So, through this way, viewers from a permitted zone or category are allowed to view the content of videos on which these restrictions applied.

·3 Encryption of Videos & Hotlinking Protection

Anyone can download any image or video from the web easily. So, to restrict the downloading of a specific video by anyone, 128 Bit AES / RC4 encrypted video streaming CDN is offered. It provides optimal protection to the content of video from being downloaded and stolen by hackers or other unauthorized users. It also put restrictions on those who are making use of tools used to download his video. As the content of video has a value and in order to protect the same top class, encryption is offered to keep the videos safe and secure.

·4 Restrictions on access to IP

Configured videos are protected by enabling IP access restrictions. Control to IP access option ensures only permitted IP ranges and IP addresses to access the videos configured. Videos form is isolated by the server thereby prevent viewers, who are not authorized, to access the videos. By this, security of videos is maintained.

·5 Restrictions on access to Domain names

Another way of secure video hosting is by enabling restrictions on accessibility to domain names. By locking the embedded videos, they will be available on permitted or specific domain names. It basically helps in restricting of uploading or distribution of videos on websites on which we do not want the content to be displayed. As websites are of several types containing different information, so we do not want our videos to be uploaded to any website, and this leads to putting some restrictions on their domain names. By this videos are not going to be displayed on certain sites.

Above given are the most used and common ways to secure videos. Some other ways are also thereby which secure video hosting can take place.


  • A visitor finds a variety of video content available from entertainment to education, music, and gossips
  • User-friendly features with built-in commenting and rating
  • Relevant video suggestions, E-mail notifications
  • No buffering glitch
  • Accommodative and customizable HTML5 player
  • User-channels with monetization feature. A user can focus on creating a good quality brand or product promotional videos to establish brand authority.
  • Management: Enables videos categorization through meta tags
  • Provides analytical insights to identify top and worst performing videos, identify searches, locations, goals, and conversions
  • Export and Import Videos, thus allowing video sharing
  • The clone scripts with an array of video encryption methods and Digital Rights Management provide Privacy and Security to coerce unauthorized distribution and piracy

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