Which platform should you use?

Your business needs a website. The problem: you need a free hosting option. Which platform should you trust? Let's look at two different, highly popular blogging platforms, WordPress and Tumblr, to help you decide.

Tumblr Platform: Easiest To Use

Tumblr is the easiest platform to get your blog up and running out of the two options. Results are immediate: quickly write up a post and publish it in a couple of mouse clicks!

In contrast, WordPress can take some time before your post is ready to publish. Although it isn't as easy as Tumblr, though, there is more support for WordPress. With handy tutorials and a support community to help you get through the more complicated process of setting up your WordPress site, it is still a great option — just not as easy!

WordPress Platform: Best Customization Options

If customization is important to you, WordPress wins, hands down. Since WordPress is more like a website than a blog, there are thousands of plugins and gadgets to add, as well as thousands of themes to choose from. Start out with the free hosting option and when you're ready, stick with WordPress and pick up a cheap hosting plan. Most of them offer one-click WordPress site installs. Your site is guaranteed to be perfect for your business!

WordPress: Great For SEO

Since search engines favor WordPress code, you're already ranked higher than blogging platforms like Tumblr. If SEO is important to you, there's no doubt WordPress is the platform for you.

Tumblr: Media Content; WordPress: Text Content

It depends on your industry. If you are in the design, fashion, or photography industries to name a few, Tumblr is great due to its ability to add videos, photos, and other media to your posts. If you stick to strictly written content, WordPress is your platform. Yes, it does offer some slick photography options, but at the end of the day, it's all about the text.

Tumblr: Great Social Networking Integration

Since Tumblr users tag their posts, which allows other users to search Tumblr based on their interests, this brings more viewers to your posts! Add the facts RSS feed subscription is a breeze on Tumblr and it offers direct Facebook and Twitter integration, it's a no-brainer. WordPress relies on plugins in order to share on social media sites. It's just faster and simpler on Tumblr!

WordPress: The Hosting Option

As previously stated, there will come a day you'll want to switch from free hosting to cheap one. With Tumblr, you don't have this option, and you're stuck relying on their servers alone. If you want to grow your website in terms of traffic and visitors, you'll want to switch in the future in order to handle the higher load. WordPress gives you this choice, meeting your needs perfectly at every stage of website development.

The Winner Is…

It's really not possible to choose an overall winner. Does it depend on what your website's specific needs are: do you need pictures and videos embedded into posts, and an easy way for readers to share and subscribe? Tumblr is best for you. Do you envision your site receiving so much traffic, you'll need to rethink your hosting options in the future? WordPress is the best bet.

Which option sounds right for you? Do you currently rely on either of these platforms for your website? What has your experience been like?