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VamCart is an open sourced shopping cart software. Shopping Cart software, as the name suggests, is a software that allows a website visitor to make a list of the things he would like to purchase on the website and make a collective transaction. Further and beyond this, these programs give the ability to process client’s payment information, and in the case of credit card purchases, they take assistance from the secure gateway provider, in combination with a secure payment gateway to conduct credit card transactions online. VamCart is one such software. It is open source but it is function-filled. It consists of all the functions an e-commerce site would require.

The e-commerce industry has boomed in recent years to become a multibillion-dollar industry with thousands of websites running from different countries competing for your business. It has become necessary to stay updated in the latest trends in such a dynamic market. VamCart can help you add a shopping cart to your e-commerce site with ease.


VamCart is open sourced software based on CakePHP with MVC framework. It has a host of features required for integrating a functional shopping cart to an e-commerce site. Since the software is open sourced it can accordingly be modified and executed according to your individual needs. Although it is open-sourced it is not short of features. It may not fare well against other paid software’s, but then again it is not paid. Being open sourced gives it the ability to be modified to add any requirements.

VamCart has been search-engine optimized to offer better visibility for the products on search engines. The ability to add Meta Tags is also there. This is an important feature since it gives the flexibility to customize the page’s URL making it more search engine friendly. This is essential for redirecting potential customers tothe websitee without spending any resources. Being SEO optimized gives an extra edge over the competition.

VamCart can effortlessly manage unlimited categories and products. It also has the feature to automatically resize images. It has support for most popular languages and currencies. This allows for you to truly reach a global market place. VamCart has integration for coupons and product reviews adding functionality to the site. There are several more features available on the program and even mor,e can be added by using add-ons.

Several add-ons are also available for VamCart, if you are looking for any additional features. Templates, CSS themes, shopping modules, payment modules, additional languages and many more are available.

VamCart is a straightforward program that delivers on what it promises. It is easy to use and easy to learn especially for those who have prior experience using such programs. The SEO feature is very commendable since the program is open sourced. If you are a small business with an online presence, VamCart is the perfect option because it has all the features you would require to set up a functional online purchasing system free of cost.

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