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What is Magento?

Magento is a script that has been developed for e-commerce sites. It is a very powerful open source platform that has been excellently designed to facilitate developers to create an e-commerce website that looks absolutely professional, are very easy to browse and use and work intuitively. This e-commerce solution designed and developed by Varien is highly appreciated by developers working on an e-commerce website because:

Magento is available in two versions. There is the community edition which is free and is open source software. And then there is Enterprise edition which is available for an annual subscription fee and is suitable for large business houses. You can create tailor made websites with both which will meet up with the unique requirements for of your business.

Magento Hosting

Who can use it?

Anyone who is selling anything and wants an online store for it , can use Magento Hosting solutions. Be it a small start up with a few products to sell or a huge retailer with a very extensive catalogue, Magento Hosting is well suited and well equipped for all kinds for e-stores. If you opt for Magento Hosting you are going to have a fast, reliable and stable websites that will suffice all your requirements and rest assured, the shopping experience of your customer will be ja oyous one.

Beneficial Features of Magento Hosting

Many web hosts provide Magento Hosting solutions that are effective and affordable. Any e-commerce website can gain a lot from the commendable features of Magento Hosting such as:

There are a number of successful stores today that are using Magento Hosting to achieve desired results and targeted profits and even beyond. If you are going online with your store, let Magento Hosting be your helping hand!

Latest News

Magento 1 End-of-life: After June 30, 2020, there would be no patches, security, and technology updates. Hence, the store will be vulnerable and could be taken down by malicious actors. The customers forced to migrate to Magento 2.

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