Live Chat Support software allows online visitors to receive quick live help directly on pages of a website via a chatting widget. Many live chat software providers deliver a free plan, and around all have a trial period at free of cost. The comparison chart is made to compare different pricing plans having variety of live chat solutions. The free trial period enables user to test live chat software which is fit as per the requirement. It is very compatible for online shopping, eCommerce to help the customer to select items during the purchasing process. The chat software supports online store which has to be installed on the system. The web page gives information about live chat tools. It is made for small and medium sized enterprises.

Main factors of Live Chat Software

1. File Management. 2. CRM Integration. 3. Real-time monitoring. 4. Customer analysis. 5. Visitor tracking. 6. Chat functionality. 7. User activity monitoring.

Live Chat Software Services

Live Chat support has proved to customers to be a right solution for them. It keeps customer so happy and satisfied with more outstanding services regarding buying process. Live Chat is based on recent technology which is independent of 3rd party protocols. The desktop apps are made for Mac OSX and Windows. This software increases online sales and provides outstanding customer service. Live Chat can be added with 60+ services that involve Facebook, Google Analytics, and Zendesk. Some important applications are given below: This website provides live chat tools to small and medium-sized enterprises which are used to enhance their existing support structures. It is responsible for tracking online visitors to solve their problems and get separate place among the competitors. Their latest tool tester project began in November 2015 which is known as The team of app makers is available to create mobile apps for iOS and Android phones.

P3Chat: It is an easy live chat solution that supports Skype and Google Talk and also having 20+ language support. It has specialization to convert online visitors to customers and act as a tool for each sales person to be a sales ninja. The main advantage of this website is that a user can use single widget code on many websites without any restriction.

iAdvize: It is a chat solution that enables organizations to make interaction with their online visitors in real-time system. It is comprised of behavioral targeting engine, customized graphic design and multilingual support. The live chat software is available via click to call, click to video and click to chat. Customers can easily recommend this service on its own website also.

Live Chat Software Comparison

Netrox SC: It is live chat software which is made for real-time sales and customer support on website. It has free as well as paid versions which are available for users. A free trial period of 14 days is also available to test PRO features. This website powerful engagement system having unlimited engagement scripts for PRO subscription plan.

HeyBubble: It can track visitors in real-time system and linked them to chat that provides outstanding customer service. It allows user to ask query before buying on website. It offers an elegant non-intrusive chat that is linked in bottom corner of the organization’s web page for communication of users and owner.