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How To Manage Web Hosting Downtime

How to manage web hosting downtime

Downtime in the context of web hosting occurs frequently if you avail the hosting services of a cheap or a non-reliable web hosting provider. Customers of these companies face the issue of downtime again and again as their servers are mostly down and due to this their websites do not run or work properly and they called for customer service. As this is a technical fault so everything is not under the hand of the staff of the company but the ques. arises here, as this is very important to how we can manage the same. Here this article may help you in this context i.e. to manage the web hosting downtime.

Sketch a Backup Plan to Face Outage

It is not easy for the small and mid-size companies and for web hosting providers to prevent the downtime completely. But with the proper planning and selection of correct and appropriate technology, it may be controlled to a certain extent. It is quite important if a hosting company wants to reduce the downtime as well as interested in service restoration. When web hosting plan is prepared for the backup of data, then offering safety to the data of customer and service reliability are the important points which need to be considered. The companies having their own data centers follow the backup plan for their subscribers. Here given some tips which help you to recover from damage arises in the context of occurring of outage.

Take Regular Website Backups:

Make this a habit, take the back up of your websites and systems associated with it to access the same on a regular basis as your business means a lot to you. If a small transaction or info update on your site, then take its back up simultaneously, otherwise it may cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars and leads to the reduction in the revenue/ sales and customer base. You may talk to your concerned hosting provider if you are not techno-friendly, as this is the prime responsibility of your web hosting company to offer you a plan which offers 100% back up to protect your data from loses. You may also do this by using software such as FileZilla available at free of cost.

Select the hosting options available:

When you are deciding to select a best hosting company or a data center hosting solution for your business, don’t restrict yourself to only one option. As large no. of web hosting companies are available in the market and some of them claim that they offer 100% uptime, excellent hosting features, a great web hosting plans, 24 hrs customers and technical support and others but don’t even rely on them as this is a way of attracting the customers. Even a small provider may offer you reliable hosting services and good support. Check if your web host offers you all the info without any hidden terms and conditions regarding their data backup plan in their agreement, they may consider as a trustworthy solution. The services offered by the provider are directly proportional to the need of the web hosting resources. This may influence the customer’s options to select among VPS Hosting, Shared hosting or dedicated hosting.

Logging and Monitoring:

It is required that you always keep the track and monitor the logs of your website. Your web host will not do everything for you, so just take your own backups. It’s a good practice if a manual log of a number is maintained by you for the events occurs like who made the changes, what changes are made and when changes are made to the site. In the initiative, the available software’s and monitoring services may assist you.

Be Proactive if Outage occurs:

First of all, it’s a suggestion from my side that does all that I have mentioned above. And if an outage occurs, bring this to the notice of your web host and convey to your clients with the apology and feel your mistake honestly. Clear them the time at which services get resumed. And if there is a long gap then update regarding the same period to your clients.

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