IPO’s are seen as very busy in 2013. Renaissance Capital data shows that among all the companies, 222 companies are there who went public in the U.S. in 2013 and raising around $55 billion, it represents the most IPO activity since 2000.
If we discuss about the most hyped IPO of the year, then Twitter is consider and also one of the best performing to date. In the month of November, the social network raised $1.8 billion from its IPO and their stock is also becomes three times of the previous in less than two months. There are few technical companies who were comparatively smaller IPOs are trading well above their IPO prices as well are Zulily, FireEye and Rocket Fuel.
It is possible that we don’t see other technical company goes public in the next year like Twitter; there are many notable technical companies still in the IPO pipeline.
Recently a report is released by the CB Insights, a research firm, noting that in the US there are 590 venture-funded tech companies with valuations of at least $100 million and healthy trajectories, which would make these viable candidates to go public .Among all these, more than two dozen are having valuation of $1 billion or more.
Here are 8 technical companies that may go public in the next year i.e. in 2014.
Drop box- For Drop box there are rumors that it can be consider an IPO in 2013, now it is raising a new $250 million funding at an $8 billion valuation. As per the information received from the New York Times, the funding will help the business to be private for some more months and also boost its valuation before it went public in 2014.
Box- Box, a cloud storage device has plans to go public in next year. The company has selected bankers for its IPO is valued at $2 billion.”We want to be acting like a public company before we go public,” this is a statement of Dylan Smith, co-founder and CFO of Box, who told Mashable back in July.
Shazam- Shazam, very famous music discovery tool, has introduced its new CEO this year and raised a $40 million round of funding so that growth can be increased before pursuing a public offering. As per the company's current CEO, Rich Riley, IPO might take place in the second half of 2014 or may be in 2015.
Alibaba- It is the largest e-commerce site in China which is expected to go public in the next year. Alibaba’s IPO will help other companies such as Yahoo and its stock has already benefited from this. This shows that the IPO may not happen until the end of 2014 or 2015. The company will also extend the loan next year so that more time can be given before they went public.
King- King was founded a decade ago, has hired several banks for an IPO and also considering the same for 2013. However, by a report it is known that the company would wait to prove to their potential investors until 2014.
Seamless- The Company merged with GrubHub in the beginning of this year and as per the recent reports the food delivery giant is cooking up an IPO in the next year. We have known from the reports that the company may either go public at the end of 2014 or in the beginning of 2015 with a market cap of up to $5 billion.
Square- Square is a mobile payments company valued at $3.25 billion and cofounded by Jack Dorsey. Dorsey had planned to take Square public and after this only, Twitter started to trade on the stock market and then he left Twitter. He has started talking to the banks regarding pursuing a public offering in 2014. In an interview face by Dorsey, they told Bloomberg “Right now we're building the practice within the company and building the discipline. I think square is ahead of a lot of companies in that regarded because I think we're building a financial company.”