Live chat support software is the easiest and fastest way to connect and convert website visitors to customers. Determine customer issues faster by seeing what customer’s type (even before they send it) or what they are presenting on your website. Offer quality responses using ready made templates and records of predefined messages & greetings. Bring in experienced executives to help new agents and present quality responses to customers.

About Live chat software

Live chat software ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web application framework planned for web development to produce vigorously. It was developed by Microsoft to permit programmers for building dynamic websites, applications, and web services. The ASP.NET SOAP extension framework allows ASP.NET mechanism to process SOAP messages. is a re-implementation of ASP.NET as a modular web framework, in concert with other frameworks like Entity Framework.

Live Chat Customer Service Benefits and Advantages

When you set in Live Help to your industry website, it allows you to reduce customer service response time and boost customer satisfaction. The majority of companies fail to use their website proficiently to provide information right away to potential clients.

Adding Live Chat to your website provides the following benefits

By providing immediate assistance via. Live Chat you can increase your online revenue with higher conversion rates and larger order sizes. Start selling immediately by chatting to your customers that are online and browsing your website now. Adding Live Chat to your website provides the following reimbursement:

Live Help increases and builds customer trust and confidence in your businesses products and services. Clients are easily able to have their questions and concerns answered before they depart your website when using Live Chat.

Live Help customer support will enable your company to lessen the on the whole cost of providing customer service via. Toll-free telephone support lines within your conventional help desk system.

Live Chat allows your online customer service representatives to attend to your client's needs while they are browsing your website and before they quit guesting a competitor’s site. n award winning live chat software

Chatwoo is an award winning Live Chat Software for live help, live hold up, visitor tracking, and proactive chat support for your ASP.NET sites. It allows operators to chat with guests in real time. As a software based solution, there are no additional monthly fees, overhaul fees or per operator charges. It converts browsers into customers and delivers maximum ROI from every click-through to your business site.

Features which make Chatwoo the finest among all others

Create unlimited departments; allocate an unlimited number of operators to each department. It's not a host solution.

Upload your company logo and operator photo. Modify operator greeting and system messages. View visitor's IP address, host name, country, browser type, pages visited, referrer address, and extra information. This information will allow you to define your marketing strategies better. Transfer calls from one operator to the other, for example, transfer a customer from a sales assistant to a prop up operator or escalate a call from an operator to a manager. One operator can handle any number of chat sessions at the equal time. Each session runs in a separate room tab in the Operator Console. This “pro-active” feature allows you to automate/configure a timed chat request graphic to pop up on a specific page of your website after a designated time. This is great for inviting guests to chat who linger on a particular page for a while.