A dedicated hosting service is a kind of internet hosting in which the client hires an entire server which is not shared with anyone. Dedicated hosting has more flexibility than shared hosting, as an organization have full control over the server and has a choice of OS, hardware. A dedicated server is usually required for a website that might develop a considerable amount of traffic. In renting a dedicated server, the client company may be required to use a specified computer system. A dedicated server provides a specified amount of memory, bandwidth, and hard disk space.

Choosing dedicated hosting:

There are few questions before using dedicated hosting:-

  1. What happens if any trouble is there with a customer? Is there any technical support team to access via phone or live chat?
  2. Does the hosting provider offer 24/7 technical support?
  3. What are the response times they are providing on each support channel?
  4. Can their support team actually solve the issue given by the customer or behave like a robot by linking with useless article rather to help?

Dedicated hosting: a leap forward:

When anybody uses dedicated server it means the ownership of server is complete of him/her and no other site will be hosted on that server. A user has an entire control over the server. For accessing resources and control, a dedicated server is far better because a user can consume maximum resources of web-server, as no other sites are hosted in it. Dedicated servers are mostly housed in Data centers providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. A dedicated server is an ideal solution for medium or large businesses.

Key features:

Dedicated hosting gives root access to the server to its subscribers. The advantage of root access is that user can configure as per the requirement and get the flexibility of controlling it. This gives the facility of hosting any sort of website through the server and user can install any application on the server. Dedicated hosting is better in many ways like user get full bandwidth, scalable disk space; data is secure as only one website is used on the server, so it can save the server from any kind of threat. Dedicated hosting can be easily customized due to its high reliability and security.