Hosting companies are up against impossible task to persuade the visitors to think, they are 100% good. They are tested on every point and are compared for the usefulness to the hosting customer. Companies recognize and provide solutions to the broader and specific problems and issues to show their importance to the hosting community. In the light of the changing technology of hosting world, they publicize the modification in policies and actions. Changes are brought in business with the change in the thinking of customers.

A decade ago, it was a cumbersome process to launch a website, but with the change in technology in automating this process and knowledge provided by the various review and rating websites, things become very easier. Websites with emphasis on information heightened the recognization of visitor’s interest and opinion.

With the diversification of the interest, companies also get specialized in Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Email Hosting and many more. The race started between the companies to give more attention and interest in opinion molding. Those with a strong foundation, who work for the interest, convenience and necessity of customers only survive in this competitive market. Both customer and company are supplements to each other and business development to the advantage of both.

Live Help Counsel

Since business depends on the support of its public i.e. their customers. In a hosting industry, support plays a vital role in the persistence of the company. Support type and a level is an important criterion which visitor look while choosing a company. Visitors are offered with auto chat, whenever they visit the company website. Live Help executives supervise and direct the visitors to the different sections of the website. Conversion of a visitor into a customer largely depends on the skill, experience, and understanding of the executive. They try to solve every of the complex and complicated problems. Most of the companies are consistent in it and have included it in the top priority of their policy. Companies keep live help available 24×7 to reach their objectives:

    1. Can hear what the visitor has to say?
    2. What are visitor’s desires?
    3. What are the various problems and issues faced by customers?

Live help support is divided among various departments – Accounts, Technical Support, Sales

Sales mostly deal with the objectives of the company, its plans or services and various policies on those plans. They educate the visitor with various actions. Technical Live Help is mostly for resolving the issues of their existing customers. Likewise, Accounts deals with mostly financial issues.

100% uptime Batch

A survey by published last month shows the points to which hosting community gets attracted. The website has provided the uptime monitoring tool to which hosting customer is interested and illuminates it with credible facts. Nobody wants their website to be down even for a single moment and it becomes intolerable when it is from the hosting provider side.

Putting a 100% uptime batch is becoming new kind of social engineering. It is a modern method of independent expert appraisal.

Truthfulness & Integrity

Almost every of the company has a positive standpoint on this indispensable quality both in serving the customers and providing correct information. After examining most of the review and forum sites, we found customers do have raised the questions about the integrity of various companies. If a hosting provider is not able to fulfill all the needs of a customer, they must say ‘No’. Companies have set the acceptable user policies, which rarely customer reads from time to time in full. Most of the time, user websites are down, due to excessive resource usage or due to any of the policy is breached.


Hosting companies do publish the pages containing specific knowledge in the field they are functioning. Everyone is in a race to put enough knowledge to differentiate from others. Taking ideas and situations and putting them with logic and accuracy is the prime concern, objectively to attract visitors from search engines. Articles are published to arouse visitors interest on a situation in a larger context than that of a moment to dramatize it and to create high visibility. It is also a good sign for a hosting industry to create high visibility of the issues.


Everyone is familiar with advertising testimonials. We are accustomed to saying ‘Show me the facts; Let us look at record’. Testimonials are positive responses from customer to create kind of trust.

Activities above are done with the emphasis on status value, it is not necessarily indicative of real understanding.