Things you need to know about Coppermine Photo Gallery

Coppermine Photo Gallery is a fantastic application that has multimedia characteristics. To get the best out of this gallery web application you have to use it with GD Library, Image Magick, MySQL, and PHP. This application is very compatible with Apache which is a web server software.

The interface of Coppermine Photo Gallery has software packages such as YaBBE, Woltlab, vbulletin, Simple machines Forum, Pun BB, post Nuke, PhpBB, Mambo, Joomla, PC Nuke, Powerboard, and Invision.

A little bit more about Coppermine Photo Gallery

This a software that is of open sourced nature and it is licensed under GNU. As per the standard regulations, the user must have a link that says Powered by Coppermine that will connect to the website of the project

Ever since Coppermine Photo Gallery has been developed creating photo gallery has become a lot easier. This application uses a MySQL backend and PHP in order to provide a lot of support to support the software. The most recent version has certain advanced features in comparison to the previous features. This new version integrates picture galleries and permits you to put together your very own gallery. Now let us look at the features which are common to both the newer version and the older version.

Arrangement of the pictures

You can arrange the pictures in any order you wish on the interface. You can add labels to them and even create albums with suitable titles to them. You can then organize these pictures into categories and subcategories. You can upload pictures from the web and you can also upload personal pictures.
Customizing the thumbnail

You can expect full multimedia support that will accompany the picture arrangement. You are also given the liberty to customize the width or height of the thumbnails.

Enhanced pages for admin

The administrator is given a lot of privileges. The administrator has the option of changing the settings of the pages like the various fields of the profile.

Features in various languages

Now the audience for Coppermine Photo Gallery is quite wide. So the software has features that are in multiple language which makes it a lot easier to use for anyone. A customized and advanced software like Coppermine Photo Gallery will give you the ability to personalize and customize the gallery, and helping you to cling on to those fond memories that are trapped within the photos.

This software is quite easy to install, in fact you can con consult many tutorials on the internet. Most tutorials will breakdown the installation process into a series of steps that are very easy to follow. After you have installed the software you must then start going through the interface to get familiar with the software. Now since there is a lot that you can learn from it is highly recommended that you do not rush through the learning process. In the beginning you may have certain amount of difficulties in using the software but with time you will become an expert. Since the software is open sourced you can configure the settings without any hesitation.