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It is very rare that we do not have any say in any matter. Most of the times we are afraid to speak in public; scared that anything bitter if said, may lead to the occurrence of any personal loss. Often due to this fear, many critical issues remain subdued and may prove to be harmful to the society in the long run. These concerns have to lead to the formation of the polling or voting system. But as known, polling is a very cost-intensive process and can only be afforded by public bodies like the government. If you are looking to arrange a poll to get the views of the public, it is no more an unrealistic knowledge and can be performed online via some wonderful software applications like the Advanced Poll.

This wonderful application is an inevitable tool for you if you are interested in conducting an online poll. This tool facilitates you to conduct multiple polls at a time, thus saving your time and you can submit a lot of survey results at the same time. This software application facilitates you to change the layout of your poll with the template of your preference. Another important feature of this application is that it prevents any duplicate poll submission. This application has the power to track IP addresses and is enabled with IP locking system. With this polling system, you can get the opinions of public not only from local areas but also from any nook and corner of the world as this poll supports many languages. This application also has the feature of poll expiry.

Advanced Poll uses the most advanced programming language of present times that is PHP. It stores data in MySQL database and text files. You can control the complete polling under the administrator privilege. It supports Ajax interaction which is fast and the default settings are customizable. You as an administrator can control the number of voters you want, you can delete the votes you want and view each other’s vote as well. This poll enables you to configure from basic polls to approval voting, Borda count to instant runoff voting. Advanced Poll is a pride of any website, be it for commercial use or educative use as it creates a bridge between the developers of the website to the visitors of the site. Storage and bandwidth are theoretically unlimited with this web hosting application. You can even get a free domain with this poll system. You can conduct multiple polls on a single page.

Advanced Poll should be your first preference if you are looking for a simple and great product. Its multi-poll feature helps you to deliver work before time; creating a great impression in your job field and saving your time. This is a time-saving tool for you as well. If you are thinking of a survey to be conducted visiting people around you, it is obviously both time consuming and expensive. In a modern world where you are using internet for fun and entertainment then why not for your academic and official needs. Try out this wonderful online polling system and feel the pulse of your people.