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on premises software are selling by the co-founder

Onpremises software are selling by the co-founder and CEO of HR and payroll software solutions organization Greytip Software which is going to be install by the companies on their internal systems. The company is based in Bangalore charges a license fees between Rs.70, 000/- and Rs. 5, 00,000/-. The software is used for the administration of the employees and its customers are Dell, Volvo and Ingersoll Rand.
To serve domestic organizations, Rowjee and his co-founder Sayeed Anjum got this opportunity and they hire few as five candidates. India is having 2 million small as well as medium enterprises and the opportunity is very big.
A cloud based solution for HR and payroll services is developed by the company in 2007 at the cost of a fraction of its licensed version. It is now charging Rs.1495/- as an annual subscription fees for those organizations, who are having up to 250 employees and also have to pay Rs. 20/- per employee on the monthly basis. 2000 customers are now served by the company’s online service.
With the help of cloud computing and combinatorial innovation, entrepreneurs are able to deliver creative and cheap solutions. Combinatorial innovation is the idea of building on top of other people’s work. There are many free open source softwares which are already created. To develop a new solution in a fare, quick and cost effective way, many of the innovative things need to be combining; few things can be added from our side and others. And according to the Sharad Sharma, a Bangalore based startup mentor, many Indian start-ups are beginning to do that. He also said that combinatorial innovation can also be seen in UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). National Aadhaar platform can be built by the UIDAI with the help of staff of 20 people. But it is not like the Indian IT services business model, which saw companies catering primarily to Fortune 1000 companies, the new model is tapping into larger, local markets.
Cloud-based apartment management software is provided by the Bangalore-based ApartmentAdda. This software is a one-stop portal for owners, tenants and management offices and charges only Rs.10-15 from each apartment. Due to this reason, 3,600 apartment complexes are using it. Significantly, business is growing 100% every year. is a Bangalore based portal that combines property search, apartment management and vendor management. Now it is having more than 60,000 communities which constitute more than 50 lakh homes. It is started in 2007 by three friends Sumit Jain, Lalit Mangal and Vikas Malpani.
IN 2011, the company moved to a cloud based model to expand the footprint. It was an issue of scalability and maintainability.
8 million users are having by the Zoho, a business productivity solutions company based at Chennai. Another company Rategain based at Delhi developed hospitality and travel technology solutions, has 5,500 hospitality clients from all over the world as well as the top 50 online travel agents. 32,000 employee records are handling by one more company from Delhi Employ-Wise, an employee lifecycle management solution provider.
There are very less no. of technology companies all over the world who are having more than 1 million customers. Among these companies, Microsoft is one such company. Other companies who are from India are Zoho and Tally both are an accounting software providers. Mostly people believe that India will be the global leader among companies with million-plus customers.
It is seen that earlier Toyota Corollas sold by everyone but now Information technologies companies are moving towards and selling the Marti 800s and according to Mr. Sharma, Indians are doing much better or good in the case of letters.

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