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Let your site rock with Joomla

Are you a frequent internet surfer??? Does there never exists a day when you do not get online??? Then why not be a member of the web family with your own website??? Does this sound to be a great idea; it really is. Anyone can now be a part of the web family, which is by far the best global family. It is with the help of this concept of internet and web-only that we claim that the world has turned into a global village. Many of us are skeptic about their success in the web business. The reason for this scare is that all of us are not computer experts. We feel that a huge knowledge of HTML and programming languages is a mandate to run a website. But the concept is totally wrong. With the advent of content management systems, website management has turned out to be a lot easier than we had expected it to be. Let us know Joomla to be more aware of the content management system.

Speaking about the technicalities, this software runs on the PHP language, written in object-oriented PHP language and uses MySQL and MS SQL as the data storehouse. It is one of the most popular web content management systems of present days. One of the advantages of using Joomla is that you need not pay anything for this wonderful application. It is open source, that is, it can be installed and used on any computer, it is freely licensed. The minimum system requirements for this application is a complete operational web server like Apache or IIS.

The best part of this website is that its core system can be extended via installable add-ons. Websites are always threatened by security concerns. This application comes with security issue fixation and security issue tracking abilities. Joomla lets you take complete control of your website. It keeps the customized data fields on top of regular data fields. Let's check how this system works. The first page that comes with installation is the admin page. On this page, you get all the customization tools. The “maintenance” tool helps you to check the complete content and clear cache and delete temporary files. The “user” menu helps you to management features like a formation of groups and saving of user notes. You even mass mail all your users at Joomla backend, which saves your time. You may even sort your users on the basis of registration dates, status, and groups.

Thus be for office work, business, fun or social cause, this structured content management application helps you in all spheres. For example, with the mass mail option, you can keep in touch with all your publishers and with user notes option you can extend special facilities for your registered and premium customers. Break the shackles today and apply Joomla to your website and turn global.


Own the magic wand…try Joomla 1.5

We all have our views and thoughts; we love to share our thoughts with our friends and colleagues, near and dear ones; but have you ever tried to share your thoughts with the world, maybe not, maybe yes. Expressing your thoughts to the world is not a real tough factor with the advent of the internet. Just create your website and make it your web home. But website management requires some important tasks like managing the content and the layout, which we feel to be tough for us as we are not computer experts. We feel that managing a website requires a lot of HTML and programming knowledge, which is in reality not true. We have several content management systems in place which are always there to help us in managing our websites. Let us check out such a content management tool today, that is, the latest version of Joomla 1.5.

Joomla 1.5 is the recent addition in the family of Joomla series and comes with a lot of modern features and facilities. It helps to make your website look good and organized. This tool consists of some great features like enough number of templates that you can use in your website depending on the purpose of your website, be it a blog or an e-commerce website. You can customize the different pages of your website supported by this software with different templates, that is, this application helps you to add different templates to different pages. The layout and the content are considered separate in this application. Thus when you make any change to the content it does not require to change the template as well. The core system of this software can be extended and hence you can add external add-ons with this software.

If you are running an e-commerce website, it is very necessary for you to make your website look and feel secured; else no customer will be confident enough to enter their personal and card details at your website. Joomla 1.5 ensures that security of your website is maintained. There are facilities like registration on the site is a mandate to experience some special facilities, every time someone is trying to make any payment, they need to log in. the mass mail option helps you to interact with many visitors or members of your website at a time. you can send a common mail to all of them at one time; hence saving your time and effort. The user notes option helps you to provide special offers to your premium and registered users. You can have special discounts for them which when they log in with their own id and password to your website, can only be viewed.

Joomla 1.5 is based on PHP language, written in object-oriented PHP language. It uses MySQL and SQL Microsoft for its data storage. This is an open sourced application. The support provided by Joomla 1.5 develop team is really great. They provide you complete support via their website whenever you face any issue using this software. There is a magazine of this application where you will find news about later versions of this wonderful application. Thus, it may be said that this is a very interactive and structured creation of Joomla developers and must be tried out at least once.

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