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In a dynamic business environment, everyone is well adverse with cloud hosting and everyone is well adverse with positives and negatives so it is not possible to make fool to Hosting users and web developers.

But there is no rocket science to understand needs or expectation of consumers from Hosting Provider there are few things which can be counted on fingertips such as

1)      Quality of services:- the server must be of advanced technology.

2)      Backups:- Proper Backup can be daily or weekly bases by a host

3)      Location:- servers must be located at the safe place means not at a place where natural calamity effects or  danger persist

4)      Support:- Seaport is always a key factor for all industries and same applied to servers and  hosting industry this is now a revealed fact that all big organizations only go with dedicated server or Dedicated servers or cloud servers so every second or even microsecond can give big losses so the expert team must be there in support of the customers.

5)      Security:-dedicated or cloud servers are chosen by those for whom security is First so it is a responsibility of the service provider to always Keep a keen watch to keep the servers secure

6)      No Downtime: – everyone understands it so I don’t think need to explain as there is no need for swimmer how to survive in water.

So if any host is capable of fulfilling these expectations then I don’t think there is an issue.

Cost can be very as per quality of support and advancement of servers.

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