Uber, the app based car service is selected as the technology company of this year, 2013 who made massive shifts in real-life behaviour, rather than mere digital-lifestyle changes.
The information superhighway came into existence and matured into the most important business in the U.S., the actual American highway and ever-degrading transportation infrastructure have remained relatively unchanged. There are some cars who do not have any drivers are involve in the various lonely futurists who have talked about a mobility revolution.
Uber company provides you with the facility in which they provide you car with a driver on rental basis on demand .When an app is launched, a car is there for you, with name and picture of driver and make of car; its arrival time, all will be available within a few minutes and you can watch its mesmerizing progress on the app's display.
Uber works in a good way. Its transportation is the lowest common denominator service. As demand grows in transportation, its service always degrades. When demand is too more, the price increases by 2 times, 3 times and maximum 8 times.
And till yet, Uber's revenue figures are staggering to everyone. Its figures are growing city by city in the U.S. and around the whole world.
Uber's revenue goal is to gain fifty billion dollars, which would make the company as the world's largest transportation company. Such success and example will help to upgrade the service and on-demand economy. Surge-pricing will become very important in all aspects of commercial life.
How technology and innovation can solve some basic market dilemma, this question‘s answer can be given by the Uber’s demonstration and how to keep demand from overwhelming supply. .